Life After the Storm

chapter 62

I hear a knock at the door, I get up, not very enthused. I do not want to go and have dinner with him. I
force myself to open the door, knowing That This has to happen, we need to figure out what is coming
and how we can protect our pack. He looks at me and smiles. “Hello Lilly, you look beautiful. Are you

I roll my eyes at him and I don't speak. I walk out the door and try not to touch any part of his body. But
there isn't enough space as my stomach rubs against his waist, I instantly become wet In between my
legs letting out a soft moan not meaning to or even realizing it. I then become embarrassed, hoping
that he did not notice or hear me. But when I look up at him, I see the big smile on his face and I know
he heard. I begin to blush, not being able to help it. I then bite my bottom lip, trying to control my body
from wanting to rip his fucking clothes off his body.

“The car is downstairs, Lilly, it is waiting for us. I hope you don't mind going out for dinner. I figured it
would be nice to get away from here for a little, anyway.”

“Yes, that would have been nice to get away from here if it wasn't with you and with someone I actually

I can see the disappoint in his face from my words he then says, “I know it's going to be hard Lilly, but
we need to learn how to tolerate each other, especially in front of our pack they cannot see that we do
not get along They will lose faith in us.”

I roll my eyes at him but say nothing back to him, It makes me angry knowing that he's right, but I still
want to criticize everything he says and does even though I know I need to respect him, well, at least in
front of the pack members. I don't want anyone to see any kind of weakness to doubt us as their

I look at him, “Fine, I will respect you in front of our pack, but don't think I will show you any kind of
respect when we are alone.”

“Thank you, Lilly,”

As we are walking out to the car, it is quiet. I guess we both have nothing else to say. As he goes to
open the door for me, I push it away, then feeling the spark from his hand. It makes me jump, not in a
bad way, but in a good way that confuses me. I have never felt such pleasure. I try to forget about how
it felt, so I focus on my anger. “I don't need you to open the door for me, I can do it myself. You don't
need to do anything for me.”

He then comes close to me, I can feel my heart begin to race as his breath is on my neck. “Lilly, we are
in public, remember you need to respect me and I need to respect you. A good mate opens the door for
their mate. I'm not trying to control you, I'm trying to make a good impression.”

I then remove my hand and allow him to open the door for me. I don't know how I am going to be able
to act ok around him, but I know I need to try because whatever is coming we need to put our
differences aside and fight together to overcome whatever it is.

I scout into the back seat, scouting as far away as I can until there is no more room to move. I don't
want to be closer to him than what I have to be. As he gets in and shuts the door, the breeze from the
door shutting sends his scent all over me. I catch myself letting out a small growl of arousal. When
He looks at me, all I want to do is devour him.

I turn my head and look away from him, scared that if I don't, that I might do something I regret. I don't
want to feel this way, but I can't help it. I can feel my panties become wet. I squeeze my legs shut,
hoping it would ease myself from wanting to fuck him so badly.

I constraint on the trees how all the leaves have fallen off, crazy, how time never stops. It just keeps
going, if you like it or not. It soon will be snowing and too cold to be outside well for most people.
Expect werewolves. I guess being a werewolf has some good qualities. We have amazing body heat
that keeps us warm through the hellish cold weather.

I giggle to myself, realizing I'm thinking about the weather. I have really never thought about it before,
never looked into detail about it. My mom would always say, grab a coat. It's cold, that's how I knew the
temperature outside. Sadness began to overcome me when I know I will never hear her say that again.
I try not to be overcome by sadness.

I look over at Ivan and all I feel is hatred. I want to hurt him As much as I hurt right now. As I grip onto
the seat, trying to control my urges of anger and wanting to take my frustration out on him. Thinking
about what I would do to him, I become wet once again.

Wanting to feel his grip on to my body as he creases my breast and bites down onto my neck. God, the
pleasure that he would give to me. Knowing it would take away all the pain that I'm feeling at this
moment. Even though I know afterwards, I will feel horrible. But just filling the sensation even if it's only
for a minute, would it be worth it. I then turned and looked at him as he's looking out the window and I
say fuck it all.

When I go to pounce on him, he turns and looks at me, his blue eyes glowing in the dark. fuck yeah,
then the mood changes when he says, “We are here.”