This Time, I Will Get My Divorce

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1471

–“Yes, everything is Liu Linlin’s own fault, if she is not so
bad and a little kinder, she will not fall to such a point.”

I don’t know if Liu Linlin regrets it now.

After all, he is only in his twenties, and his life is about to end.

“Well, don’t talk about her, it affects the mood.” Fu Jingting touched her head, felt that her hair was a
little hot, and quickly stood up, “Don’t dry, go back first, it’s not good to dry for too long.”

“Hmm.” Rong Shu also knew this, had no objection, and nodded in agreement.

She first supported the wall and went in, and Fu Jingting was still behind to have a final conversation
with Assistant Zhang.

Assistant Zhang said, “President Fu, and Liu Lao’s side, the trial will officially start tomorrow, do you
want to go?”

“No need.” Fu Jingting closed his eyes and refused expressionlessly, “When the time comes for the
final trial, I’m going to take a trip.”

Go and ask Liu Lao if he regrets killing Professor Wang in the first place.

“By the way, what’s going on over there with Duan Xingbang?” Fu Jingting only wants to know this now.

That person, it had been so long since he and Xiao Yezi almost died in the fire, and he didn’t inquire
about Duan Xingbang’s situation, nor did he know how that person was now.

Assistant Zhang replied, “Duan Xingbang is still temporarily locked up in the detention center, and there
are some problems with his accounts, so the finance department is still investigating the account

books, and only after the account books are investigated will they be dealt with together, and this
matter should not be long ago.”

“Okay, let me know when the time comes.” Fu Jingting squinted.

He would definitely not let Duan Xingbang have a good time, even if Duan Xingbang could not be
sentenced to death, he would let Duan Xingbang live in prison for the rest of his life.

“It’s President Fu.” Assistant Zhang nodded in agreement.

After the call, Fu Jingting put away his mobile phone, picked up the documents and entered the house.

Rong Shu was changing clothes.

Although the sun outside is indeed very comfortable, it has been in the sun for too long, and there is a
little sweat on the body, ready to change into clean clothes.

When Fu Jingting came in, he happened to see this beautiful scenery, his eyes instantly widened, and
he stood there motionless and stared.

Rong Shu felt that something was wrong, stopped changing clothes, subconsciously turned her head to
that side, and heard the man’s breathing, and the vague mint fragrance coming from the man.

Rong Shu knew that the man was standing not far away to watch her change her clothes.

She exclaimed, quickly picked up the quilt to block herself, “Why did you come in so quickly?”

She also thought that he would talk to Assistant Zhang for a while, so she changed her clothes with

Who knows, she hasn’t finished changing, he came in, I don’t know how long it has been in, standing
there and watching.

Thinking of what kind of eyes the man would look at this moment, Rong Shu was shy in her heart, and
quickly snorted the man, “Quickly turn your head and look!”

She wants to get dressed.

However, Fu Jingting not only did not listen to her words, but also turned his head around, but also
hooked his thin lips and walked towards her.

Rong Shu heard the footsteps, and her body shrunk, “Fu Jingting, what do you want to do, don’t come
over, stop!”

She shouted loudly, not allowing the man to step forward.

But how could the man do so, continue to move forward, came to the edge of the hospital bed, and
said in a slightly hoarse voice, “Wife, I’ll help you change.”

Rong Shu grabbed the quilt tightly and quickly shook her head, “No need, I’d better change it myself,
you change it for me”

She estimated that she didn’t know when she would wear this dress.

This guy is not without precedent.

“I’ll come, husband help you.” Fu Jingting ignored Rong Shu’s refusal and continued to pull the quilt.

Where is a woman’s strength comparable to that of a man, and soon the quilt that covered her body
was pulled away by Fu Jingting.

Rong Shu’s half-amputated body was exposed to the eyes of men like this, and her figure was very

The man’s eyes were dark, and Rong Shu’s little face was red and dripping blood, and he wanted to
reach out and cover it.

The man grabbed her with both hands and pressed her to the hospital bed.

“Fu Jingting, what are you doing?” Rong Shu was taken aback.

Fu Jingting’s voice was hoarse, “Don’t move.”

Since she was pregnant, he cared about her body and the child in her belly, and he hadn’t been warm
with her for a long time, and at most he stopped kissing, and he had endured it until now.

If he didn’t see the beautiful scenery just now, forget it, he continued to endure, but he saw it, how
could he endure it.

Rong Shu was tickled by the kiss, shy and shy, while pushing him, while listening to the movement at
the door worriedly, “Don’t make trouble, you hurry up, Mama Feng will see it in a while.”

“Mother Feng went out and won’t come back so soon.” Fu Jingting didn’t get up at all, and hugged her
tightly in his arms.

“Even if Mother Feng doesn’t come back, it’s not good if the doctors and nurses come in a while.”

“It won’t.” Fu Jingting looked down at her, unhurried, “They will knock on the door before they come in,
and they won’t come in directly, so they won’t see it.”

The implication was that no matter what reason she found, he wouldn’t let it go.

In the end, Fu Jingting directly ripped off the clothes on her body, so that her entire upper body was

“Yay!” Rong Shu was even more ashamed and wanted to cover it again.

Looking at Rong Shu’s appearance, Fu Jingting laughed low and kissed it.

Two hours later, Fu Jingting solved it once with tricks.

Rong Shu took the wet towel he handed him to wipe herself, turned around, turned her back to him and
ignored him.

Fu Jingting also knew that he had gone a little too far, and it was his fault that he did not control it.

“Wife.” Fu Jingting sat down on the edge of the hospital bed and gently held her in his arms, “Don’t be
angry, okay, I won’t be next time.”

“You want to have a next time!” The corner of Rong Shu’s mouth twitched.

Fu Jingting buried his head in the socket of her neck, “This time, I didn’t control myself, or else, you hit
me twice?”

“Forget it.” Rong Shu shook her head, “I can’t go back to the past after hitting you twice, what are you
doing when I hit you?” It

seems to be true.

“So how do you not get angry?” Fu Jingting kissed the woman’s cheek and asked.

Rong Shu took his hand away, “You stay away from me now, don’t be next to me, I won’t be angry in a

This guy kicked his nose on the face, let him get closer, maybe it will come again in a moment.

Fu Jingting saw her thoughts and chuckled, “Okay, I’ll go and put the bath water on you.”

Rong Shu waved her hand and signaled him to hurry up, she also wanted to wash it, and her body was

Soon, the water was put away, Fu Jingting came back and took her to the bathroom, put her in the
bathtub, and said softly, “Call me after washing, I’ll take you out later.” “Good

.” Rong Shu answered on the edge of the bathtub.

Fu Jingting touched her head and went out.

Rong Shu leaned on the massage board of the bathtub and enjoyed the automatic massage of the

Fu Jingting cleaned up the hospital bed outside.

Before Mama Feng comes back, these must be dealt with cleanly, and Mama Feng can’t find out.

Otherwise, Mother Feng would definitely criticize him when she saw him messing around during
Xiaoyezi’s pregnancy.

He is thirty-one, how humiliating it is to be criticized, and Xiao Yezi must laugh at him.

So, he had to get it clean.

Fu Jingting sorted these out quickly, and within a few minutes, the hospital bed was a little more

And the ones that were replaced were directly thrown into the garbage bag by him, ready to take them
out and throw them away later.

Everything was so perfect and seamless, so when Mother Feng came back, she really didn’t find out
what the two had done secretly while she wasn’t there.

However, Rong Shu herself was still a little embarrassed and embarrassed.

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