Broken Limits

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The sound of a car engine comes from outside, and Don glances toward it.
“Ah, excellent,” he says, clapping his hands together. “The first of our guests has arrived.”

Chapter Twelve
I pace the bar, fully aware that I’m getting stares from the bartender and the handful of patrons who’ve filtered in since we’ve been here.
“Sit down,” Asher hisses at me. “You’re making people nervous.”
Good. I want others to feel my pain. I want the whole world to feel it.
I can’t stop playing the ‘if only’ game in my head. If only I’d embraced Honor instead of fighting her. If only I’d treated her how she deserved to be treated instead of trying to degrade her. If only I’d trusted the bond between my brothers instead of believing anyone could come between us.
I’ve been a fool, and I swear, if we get her back, I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to her. I’ll treat her like a fucking queen.
But I do what Asher says and take my seat opposite him again.
He taps his fingers on the table and then speaks. “You know why we’ve been bringing women to the island and paying them to be there?”
I frown at him. “So we can act out our kinks in a safe environment?”
“Well, yes, that too. But it’s also been because we were always fully in control of the situation. When we were boys, at Wren’s mercy, we had no control over our lives. None whatsoever. So we created the island, where we controlled every little part. We chose the women we wanted. We said who did or didn’t get to come to the resort.”
I nod in understanding.
Asher continues. “But when Honor arrived, we lost some of that control. She took it from us. She made us open our hearts for the first time since we were young.”
“That’s what scared me,” I admit, though I hate to say it out loud. “She made me feel stuff I wasn’t ready to feel. It was easier to see her gone than deal with it.”
“And now?” he asks.