Broken Limits

Page 37

“I won’t say anything. I’m not down with him taking his stepdaughter. We all have our limits.”
I give him a curt nod, and he turns and leaves the bar. He might say he has his limits, but I doubt he’d have helped us without the money as an incentive.
I look to Asher, but he’s already on his feet.
“That’s only a few hours from the island,” he says. “It has to be where Don’s taken her.”
I agree. “We need to call Rafferty and Wilder. If we get on the road now, we can meet them there.”
“We can’t let him see us coming.”
“You think Wren will be there as well?” I ask.
The mention of his name always creates a weird vibe between us. “I don’t know, but Rafferty says he’s left Reno, so it’s a possibility.”
The LA sunlight is bright as we step back outside and head to the car. Asher will be driving, so I take out my phone and place a call to Rafferty. I update him about what we’ve found and then say, “We’ll get straight back on the road.”
“No, don’t,” Rafferty says. “I’m sending a chopper for you both. It’ll take too much time for you to drive back here and then us fly out together. We’ll meet you at a designated spot not too far from this rental house.”
“Okay, sounds like a plan.”
“Drive out of the city,” Rafferty instructs “I’ll send you a message with a pin drop location. Meet the chopper there.”
“Rafferty,” I say, not giving him the chance to hang up. “Do we think Wren is going to be at this same location?”
“Honestly, I’m not sure yet. I have Carter on it.”
I’m taken back to my days in the military. “I don’t like us going in blind.”
“Me neither, but our priority needs to be Honor.”
We end the call.
It’s strange how so much of our lives has been focused around revenge and what happened to us in the past. That has changed now. We aren’t lost in the darkness of what we’ve gone through anymore. Honor has allowed us to see the possibility of a real future. A life.
She’s become our light.