Broken Limits

Page 41

“Are they hurting Honor?” I blurt.
“Not at the moment, but she’s...erm...she’s being paraded around, in nothing but a thong.”
Motherfucker. I’m going to cut his balls off and make him eat them. Don is going to rue the fucking day he came to our island and took what is ours.
“Jesus Christ,” Asher snarls. “That’s it. We’re moving in.”
“Hold your horses.” Brody sighs. “Let me watch. No one is harming her at the moment, but if they are her, then we have a chance of taking them down without her being hurt. Right now, she’s in the middle of the room. If we go in guns blazing, she might get hit.”
“Are you saying we wait until they’re inside her? No. No fucking way.” I stand and start moving, but Rafferty pulls me back down.
“We’ll move closer,” Rafferty addresses Brody over the headset, “but stay two minutes away while you observe. As soon as you give us the go, we’ll be there.”
“Okay.” Brody’s voice crackles as the connection dips in and out, but then he’s back, clear as a bell. “There’s a long rows of hedges to the east side of the house. If you approach in that direction, you won’t be seen. If we wait until she’s moved off to one side, or is taken to another room, we can go in then. I doubt they’re going to keep this configuration they are in for too long. It looks like Don is parading her around to be a prize of some sort. The minute one of the men pulls her to one side for a closer look, or she’s taken back upstairs, we go. Two through the front, and two via the door into the kitchen. The front door is likely to be heavily fortified, so we’re going to have to go in through the window.”
“Right. Two of you through the front window, throw the flash bangs and panic them, and two of us in through the back,” Rafferty orders. “We’ll move in and wait for your signal, Brody. But if they start to...hurt her, in any way, middle of the room or not, we are going in.”
“I don’t understand why we can’t go in now,” I argue. “I go through the window and grab her. If she’s in the middle of the room, I know exactly where she is. None of us are going to accidentally shoot her.”
“We’re probably not the only ones with guns,asshole,” Brody snaps in my earpiece. “I’ve been in combat situations and hostage rescue. We go in there right now, there’s a huge risk to her if she’s in the middle of the group of men. Huge. It’s not a movie. You aren’t Rambo, despite your size. You can’t guarantee to get to her before a stray bullet does. The minute that glass breaks, anyone in there with a weapon will have it drawn and firing. I can’t see everyone clearly, as some are sitting, and their faces are blocked from my view by the men standing. I can’t judge their age or see who is packing. This needs to be done carefully.”
I drag my hand through my long hair and pause at my nape to rub the tight muscles there. As much as I hate it, he’s right.
“We give it twenty minutes and see if an opportunity presents itself,” Rafferty decides. “If not, we go in anyway.”
I open my mouth, but he holds his hand up. “It’s settled.”
“You know, you might be the boss of us when it comes to the monetary side of things, but you aren’t the boss of us when it comes to everything,” Brody replies. “Let me say when we go in, Rafferty.”
“You already let her be put in harm’s way once, and she got taken,” I say, not caring if I hurt him. “Now you want to delay again.”
Brody’s voice comes over the wavelengths. “Yes, exactly because I put her in harm’s way before. Because I know what I am doing in these situations. Now, shut the fuck up and get your asses close. There’s some movement.”
His words stop our arguing dead.
Not waiting to see what the others do, my heartrate kicks up a notch, and I move in toward the house.