Broken Limits

Page 55

“There are cameras on every single beach on this island now. We've had the whole system revamped, so there isn't anywhere without cover. However, we also got you this.” He opens a jewelry box and takes out a thick gold bracelet. “This has a tracker in it,” he says. “Once it's locked into place around your wrist, it can't be opened. Not unless you have the key. We will keep the key here in the safe. You can have the combination. We're not trying to make it so you can never take this thing off. But what we don't want is someone else able to take you and get it off. We also invested in a drone defense system. If, for any reason, either we or our security couldn't get to you in time, we have that.”
He fastens the bracelet around my wrist and closes it with a snap. Then he takes a small key and turns the lock embedded into the gold. “Now, you'll never be lost to us again.”
“What if one of the drones accidentally shoots me?” The idea of drones scares the crap out of me. I also feel mortified that their guards will see some rather interesting things occurring. Then again, I expect Rafferty pays them a hell of a lot of money to keep their mouths shut, and has non-disclosure agreements galore. I’d rather a guard get an eyeful, than someone like Don get near me ever again.
Asher laughs. “They are operated by the guards in the security room. They will make sure they're aimed away from the island to watch for incoming threats only. They won’t be watching you or us, unless absolutely necessary.”
My cheeks warm. I feel stupid for not understanding that.
“We already had a couple of drones, but now we've got a veritable army of them,” Rafferty says. “We're spending over one million dollars upgrading the security on this island. No one's getting to you again. We can promise you that much. We don't want you to feel unsafe, or as if you can never leave the perimeter of the house.”
“We’ve also had a talk,” Asher says.
They glance at one another, and then back to me.
“We are going to lay a trap for Pastor Wren. We want the threat of him gone, for all our sakes, and we think he might go for this.”
They explain the plan, which entails using Wilder as bait to get Wren to agree to a meet in one of his churches.
“Won’t it be heavily armed around him?” I ask, afraid the four of them won’t be able to take on all his men.
“He tends to have his personal security, sure. But when he’s preaching, he can’t have an army standing around. It would freak the people out, and he’s new to this place, if indeed he is there. It means he’ll want to seem respectable at first. His normal security only consists of a couple of armed men.”
“Highly trained men,” I state.
I recall Wren saying they were SAS.
“Yes, but so are we,” Brody answers. “And we have help. Our pilot is an ex-Ranger, and we have our security, too. It won’t be an unequal fight on our side of things.”
“Anyway, we need to finalize all of that,” Wilder says. “For now, I’d much rather enjoy some time chasing you.”
“Right, then. So, you want me to head to the beach?” I smile at them to show my fear is allayed. We all need this, and not to have it marred with worry and doubt.
“The beach, Pandora,” Brody says.
“Chop-chop.” Asher smacks his hands together. “The clock is ticking.”
I mock salute him then head out of the door. The bright sunlight greets me, and I prepare myself for what lies ahead.
A day hopefully filled with torturous fun.