Broken Limits

Page 57

Her legs and arms are pumping, but I cover the ground between us in no time and take her down to the sand, making sure I cushion her fall.
“No!” she cries. “Get off me.”
She struggles in my grip, but I hold firm. “You’re ours now.”
Brody acts as if we’re one hive mind, and takes a blanket out of his backpack, placing it on the ground. I lift Honor onto it, not wanting sand getting everywhere, and place her on her back. I straddle her with my big body, pinning her down with my thighs, ensuring she’s not going anywhere.
Huge eyes blink at me as she watches me with anticipation. I don’t say a word, but rip that damn shirt right off her. I tear the material like paper and pull her bra down, so that her tits are pushed up in it like an offering. Christ, she’s got the best pair I’ve ever seen. And on her tiny frame they are even more luscious.
She gasps at the violence of the action and strikes out at me, her small palms slapping my shoulders.
Good, I like it when she fights. My cock grows even harder, and I growl at her.
Brody grabs her arms and yanks them above her head, pinning her wrists to the ground.
God, she looks like a feast, all for me. I bend my head and suck one plump nipple into my mouth. She moans and half fights to get her arms out of Brody’s grasp. In doing so, she pushes her tit farther into my greedy mouth.
I reach down and rub between her legs, finding her clit through her trousers and working her through the material.
It doesn’t take long before she’s whimpering.
“Suck her tits. I’m going to eat her cunt,” I say to Brody.
Moving down her body, I undo her pants and pull them down, revealing the thong she’s wearing. I don’t bother to pull that down, and instead simply move it to the side, exposing her wet, swollen pussy. She’s shaved clean and must have done that last night. She’s smooth, and pink, and ripe, and I suck her into my mouth like a fucking peach.
She cries out, and her body thrashes as I suck her entire pussy. I lave my tongue over her outer lips and then push it through them to her clit.
Needing better access, I remove my mouth for a moment and spread her wide with my thumbs, and then I dive back in, flicking her clit hard. I glance up and see Brody pinching her nipples in turn, then flicking them, before going back to pinching them, until they are swollen and red.
Needing to see her come the way I need my next breath, I wrench my mouth from her and spear two fingers inside her. Her channel clenches around me, muscles spasming as she grips my fingers tight. I curl them and hit that spongy spot I know will drive her wild.
Her moans are now cries, and a shadow falls over us. The others are here, but I don’t stop. I’ve not gotten my dick in her, so I am not breaking any rules so far as I am aware, and even if I had, I found her first.
I press repeatedly on her G-spot, and she comes with a scream, soaking me with her juices as she jerks under me.
“Fuck me, that’s hot,” Asher says.
“I bet you want to fill her with your massive cock and pump her full of your cum, don’t you?” Rafferty is breathing hard.
I know all about his kink. He might think we don’t, but he hardly hides it. The man gets off on watching almost as much as he does on doing, which is fine by me. I’m not one to judge.
“Want me to stretch her for you with my piercing?” I ask.
“Christ, yes,” he says.
Honor herself seems to be floating down on a cloud of bliss so she doesn’t add anything to the conversation. Her struggles have stopped...for the moment.
I unzip and pull out my hard dick. I don’t want to undress. It feels more raw this way, and raw is what I need.
Honor still seems to be a mindless puddle, so I crawl up her body and position myself at her entrance.
“Wait a minute,” Asher says.
Wait? Is he fucking serious. I’m about to turn into the Hulk if I don’t get inside her right the fuck now.
“Has she been taking her pill? She couldn’t have been while she was...taken.”
Well, shit.