Broken Limits

Page 58

“And?” Rafferty shocks me with his words. “She’ll look beautiful pregnant.”
Oh, no, this is a whole other level. I’m on board for it because I’d love nothing more than to pump her full of my cum and knock her up, but she needs to be too, and at the moment she’s blissed out.
“Honor,” I say seriously. “Hey, Snow.” I tap her cheek gently, and she focuses on me with a dreamy grin.
“That was intense,” she says.
“There’s more where that came from. I want to do you bare.”
“We all do,” Rafferty adds.
Shit and double shit, this is getting crazy. I’m turned on, and a bit worried for her, too.
“That’s okay, we’ve done it before. Don didn’t touch me. I’m not dirty,” she says with a small frown.
My heart breaks right down the middle. “You wouldn’t be dirty if he had, but that’s not what I’m getting at,” I explain. “We want to fuck you. We don’t have condoms, but have you been taking your pill?”
She blinks. “Oh. I hadn’t even thought about it.” Her small teeth dig into her lower lip. “Is it a problem?”
“We’re happy with it,” Rafferty says, as Brody and Asher both nod enthusiastically. “Question is, are you?”
“A baby?” she says. Then she sighs. “I’d love a baby. I don’t have any family.”
“Yeah, you do,” Asher says. “You have us.”
She gives him the softest smile.
“I’m almost due for my period, though. In about a day, so it is unlikely.”
“Oh, well, we can keep trying.” Asher grins.
I stare at him. Who is this guy, and what has he done with my sullen friend?
“Permission to continue?” I ask sarcastically. Talk about a mood ruiner.
“Take it slow,” Honor says. “It’s been a while for me, and you’re big.”
And...just like that, I’m ready to go again.
Slowly and carefully, I push into her, relishing her tightness as my cock forces its way inside.
My breathing is ragged, and keeping this to a tempo that doesn’t hurt her is going to be hard.
“God, Honor, you should see your pussy stretching to take him,” Rafferty groans.
Jesus. I pause for a moment before I lose it and come.
“Can you take me in your mouth at the same time, Pan?” Brody coaxes.
She nods, and he pulls his t-shirt off, followed by his shoes, which he kicks to one side, and finally he shucks off his pants and straddles her. “Open wide, beautiful.”
As she sucks him in and moans around him, I surge inside her, until I’m balls deep and she’s gasping around Brody’s dick.
Then I really start to fuck her.