Broken Limits

Page 72

Whoops and hollers of happiness fill the air.
Glasses of champagne are brought out by the staff, though I opt for the sparkling apple juice option that’s been provided for me. I must admit, I’m looking forward to being able to have the occasional glass of wine with dinner again, though of course my sacrifice will be more than worth it.
Ruth comes up to me and kisses my cheek. “We’re going to go back to our room for a bit.”
“So soon?” I say, surprised.
She grins. “We want to make the most of that spectacular room, if you know what I mean. And besides, from the way these four men are looking at you, they’re hoping for some privacy as well.”
My cheeks flush with heat. “Oh, I see.”
I’ve been so caught up in the moment, I hadn’t noticed, but now she’s pointed it out, I can see they are all staring at me with unbridled hunger. I know a part of it is because my tits are absolutely huge with this pregnancy and my dress shows off the swells of them perfectly. The extra curves I’ve put on over the past few months have done nothing to dampen their desire for me. They also love that I’m carrying their child. I’m sure they get a kick out of knowing they’ve got something of theirs growing inside me, even though they don’t know who the biological father is. I don’t think it matters. We are a team, and they all see me and the baby as theirs.
She hugs me again and then goes to take her boyfriend’s hand to head back to the resort. The celebrant is long gone, and Rafferty says something to the remaining members of staff to make them leave as well.
Brody looks at me, and his tongue swipes across his lower lip. “Looks like we’re finally alone with our wife.”
“So we are,” says Wilder. “Though I don’t think we’re officially married until we’ve consummated it first.”
Rafferty gives a slow nod. “Yes, we definitely have to consummate the marriage.”
“All four of us,” Asher adds.
A thrill goes through me, and heat gathers between my thighs, my clit pulsing in anticipation. I take a step back and then pause. “There’s just one thing.”
Wilder cocks his head to one side. “And what’s that?”
I toss my bouquet in their direction and throw them a wink and a wicked smile.
“You’ve got to catch me first.”