Twisted Roses

Page 74

“You’ve already lured someone, and it isn’t some creep stalker out to expose you.” Salvatore begins closing in on me, stalking toward me in purposeful, measured steps.
“Salvatore… I’ve told you it won’t work.”
“And why is that?”
“Because… because…” I straighten my shoulders and raise my chin. My arms are still extended behind my back, my hands flat on the desktop. “I can’t be with you. It’s just how things are. There’s no way around it. We have to accept it.”
“In case you haven’t noticed in all the time you’ve known me, Phi, I don’t follow rules. I don’t have to accept anything.”
He stops in front of me, his masculine cologne swarming around me in a haze of clean, musky notes. I don’t flinch as he reaches up and touches my jaw with the delicacy of an art enthusiast admiring a priceless sculpture he knows he shouldn’t be touching.
He stares unabashedly at my lips, his blue-green eyes two penetrative orbs even from behind his molded steel mask.
“But there’s something you still refuse to accept, Phi—that you belong to me. There’s nowhere you can go to escape that truth. Nowhere you can go to escapeme.”
“Tell me why,” I say with a pluck of courage, digging my nails into the wood of the desk. “Why do you want me to belong to you? And what happens if I don’t want to anymore?”
“Trick question. You’ll always belong to me regardless. The real question is, will you stop fighting it?”
“No,” I answer. My skin flushes hotter, but I stand my ground. “I can’t stop fighting it when I don’t understandwhyyou feel that way. You spent twelve years secretly surveilling me. You refuse to stay away, but the way you act, it’s like I’m thisthingfor you to possess. The more forbidden the better. It means you’re getting one over my dad.”
He blinks, staring at me. “Is that what you think? I only want you to get back at your father?”
“What else am I supposed to think? You’re not exactly an open book about your feelings.”
I’ve convinced myself if I keep talking, I’ll discover the cheat code. For once, I’ll be able to resist Salvatore and make my escape.
And yet my pussy aches in want. My imagination runs wild and my heart pounds faster. I’m breathless with desire, one reckless move away from throwing caution to the wind.
The inevitable. The very definition of insanity.
“You want to know why,” he says slowly. He traps me against the desk, his dominating frame pushing me against its ledge. “You want to know how I feel.”
I hesitate and then I nod.
Salvatore’s obsessive tendencies unravel. He invades my space, the air I breathe. He skims his rough, scarred knuckles along the soft line of my jaw. His fingers find my curls. His eyes bore into mine and I’m drowning in their oceanic depths.
I stop breathing. My heart might even stop pounding.
An eternity could pass and neither of us would notice. We’re so enraptured in each other, something as trivial as time ceases to matter.
And then he knocks my world upside down.
His gentle touch vanishes. His fingers fist in my curls and he gives a hard tug. My head is forced up, tilting so my neck is craned and exposed. Still, our gaze holds, our breathing growing more ragged one inhale at a time.
“You want to know how I feel?” he asks in a low, dangerous tone. “How about I show you?”
Salvatore forces my mouth to his. Our lips collide with his tight grip entrenched in my curls and his other arm hooking possessively around my waist.
The kiss sears with heat that’s hot enough to set me on fire.
It’s desperate and dominating, ripping air from my lungs and leaving me reeling.
It’s a kiss of ownership.
I’m his for the taking and he’ll have me whenever he wants. Right here, right now.