Twisted Roses

Page 81

I leave Delphine in the dark.
After the Neptune Society’s Masquerade, we’ve finally landed on the same page in terms of our relationship. We’ve cautiously entered another phase—our tried and true double lives arrangement.
By day, Delphine is the formidable ADA running for public office, locking up criminals left and right. By night, she’s in my bed, and I’m fucking her so good she’s paralyzed with pleasure for minutes to come when she orgasms.
We do dinners and snuggle up on the couch to watch movies with the cats.
I don’t tell her a word about my investigations. It would only result in another big blow up between us.
Delphine’s still not ready to face the possibility her father isn’t the man he says he is.
No. If she’s to ever be open to the idea, I needproof.
For a woman like Delphine—a prosecutor whose job is using evidence to convict bad guys—she’s going to need actual irrefutable proof Daddy Adams is up to no good.
I can tell. I’m on the verge of figuring it out. When I do, there’ll be no hiding from the truth.
How that’ll effect my relationship with her remains to be seen. Best case scenario, she’ll finally break free from the hold Ernest has on her. Maybe she’ll finally stop caring what people think.
What he thinks.
“Salt’s getting a little too used to your back scratches,” Delphine says one night. She appears in the doorway connecting her master bedroom with her bathroom. She’s deliciously half-naked, only in a pair of panties and one of those thin tanks she wears, the kind where her nipples poke through.
I look up, stroking Salt along his spine, and I swear my cock reacts too. Inside my boxers, it twitches to life as though a sensor has been activated—Delphine’s presence is more than enough. I nudge the mischievous cat off my lap and open my arms to welcome her instead.
“What about if there’s another itch I could scratch?” I ask.
She giggles as I squeeze her in my arms and press kisses to her neck. She pushes at my chest in an attempt to squirm her way to freedom.
“Is twice in one night not enough for you?”
“Phi, we were apart for twelve years. That’s twelve years worth of fucking I’ve got to catch up on.”
Her cute little giggles morph into a full-blown laugh-snort. “Well, myothercat is closed for business the rest of the night. You’ll have to make due petting Salt and Pepa.”
She screams out in more laughter as I take her down to the bed with me. We roll over a couple times until I pin her and then go in with soft kisses anywhere I can. Her favorite spots like her neck and chest are givens. She quivers under me and moans my name.
But I’m not even trying to seduce Delphine in this moment—it’s simply that the urge to kiss and tease her is too strong to pass up.
Sue me.
She winds up trapped within my arms, half on top of me, her head on my chest. It feels good to lay like this. Something I never understood until Delphine insisted on it. There’s nothing like when we’re lying together, relaxing and unwinding.
I run my hand along the curve of her hip and kiss her brow. I wouldn’t mind staying like this for a few days. Peace usually falls over me and I question how that’s possible when my entire existence revolves around making my enemies suffer.
I shouldn’t know peace until they’re eliminated.
Yet, as Delphine yawns and mentions putting on a movie, it’s undeniable. I’m relaxed, lying in bed with the woman that I—
My thought cuts off. Another complicated area for us.
Since the night of the Masquerade, Delphine has started to lower her walls again. She’s slowly putting her trust in me, giving me her heart.