Twisted Roses

Page 109

I pull away enough to look at her. Even in the dark of the bedroom, I can still make out the softness on her face. Her individual features, like the outline of her small smile and the adoring twinkle in her eye.
I cup her cheeks with both hands and kiss her less urgently. More tenderly, in a way I don’t normally kiss women.
But with Delphine... it means something.
What that is remains unspoken between us, though I sense she knows it, too.
How do I make sense of whatever this is? How can I when I don’t fucking know where to begin trying to define what it means?
I just know, as I hold her face in my hands and kiss her, it feels right.
This is how it’s supposed to be. Regardless of how forbidden and off-limits everybody else has said we are.
I begin undressing her. One piece at a time. Unhurried but strangely with my heart pounding in my chest. She stands still as I do, watching me in the dark, reaching for me in between.
As I tug her tank top over her head, she rises up and kisses my jaw. When I unbutton the front of her jeans, she slips her hands under my shirt and runs her soft palms along my abs.
Once she’s standing completely undressed before me, I capture her lips again. I lift her up with ease, my arms hooked under her supple thighs, and I lay her down in my bed.
I’m next, though I take my time removing my clothes. An excuse to spend an extra second relishing the moment, studying the scene.
Memorizingit in case… we reach another unfortunate ending.
Delphine in my bed, naked and waiting. Her twinkling eyes on mine. Her curls everywhere. Moonlight streaming through the window; white light that falls in thin slivers across the bed and the floor.
The imagery will stay filed away in my memory banks like all my other memories of her.
My cock juts out to freedom, rock hard and dripping precum. Ready and impatient to be inside her. Return to the velvet warmth it knows so well.
The desire I have for this woman is on an incomprehensible level. It’scellular. Built into my DNA to crave her and want her. The absolute compulsion to make her mine and only mine.
No one else gets to ever have her again.
Delphine welcomes my mouth on hers as I join her in bed. We resume our hot kisses from earlier. Our tongues tease each other and our lungs run short on air. Her fingers thread through my hair and my hands roam her naked curves, fondling and caressing. I reach between her silky thighs and rub her clit.
The swollen bead throbs against my fingertips, making me groan and my cock jump. I become ensconced in all things Delphine. Her familiar sweet scent lingers on her skin and the even sweeter taste of her lips turns me into a madman who can’t get enough.
“Salvatore,” she moans into my mouth. “Please. Don’t make me wait.”
I like this game. When Delphine gets whiny and desperate; when she begs for my cock, and I inevitably give in by sinking into her.
“Tell me, Phi.” I kiss her neck and run my cock along her slit. I rub the head against her clit and she really goes wild.
She thrusts her hips toward me for more, writhing in place beneath me. Hell bent on torturing us both, I don’t offer mercy yet. I slap my hard dick against her soft, soaked pussy to our shared groans before pushing only the head inside.
Meanwhile, I nip at her neck. I pinch and fondle her breasts. I rise up and kiss her roughly on the lips. “Tell me how much you want my cock.”
“I need it, Jon,” she breathes. “So bad. Your big dick deep inside my pussy. Please, make me come, make me feel good.”
Her begging is always my undoing.
I pull back to peer into her pleading eyes, and I see it—she really does need this. The pleasure. The release.
The moment we come together for real.
I grab one of her legs and hook it over my shoulder. I lean over her, close and intimate, kissing her deeply as I sink my cock into her warmth. We don’t know whether to kiss and taste more of each other, or moan at the sensations of me buried inside her.
We settle for both. Some hybrid where our tongues play and our throats hum from pleasure.