Twisted Roses

Page 137

They’re entranced chasing after it.
Just as they believe they’re about to trap it, she tugs it away. The chase starts all over again as they blur into white and gray fluffs of fur. Pepa cinches the victory, pouncing a millisecond ahead of Salt, and entrapping the fake mouse within her paws. The deep purr she lets out makes it that much funnier.
She means business.
Salt trots up and together they attack with feline vigor.
“There goes another toy,” I say.
Delphine smirks. “We’ll find his head somewhere when we least expect it.”
“I’m telling you.Saldatosin a former life.”
A wild crack of thunder cuts me off. In the same moment, lightning flashes, barely masked by the curtains on the window. The rain bears down twice as hard in the seconds to follow. Instead of simple drops, it sounds more like bullets pelting down.
“So much for good weather this weekend.” Delphine sighs, criss-crossing her legs.
I set my drink down and glide my hands along the graceful line of her shoulders. “You want me to turn on the heat?”
“No. It’s just… you know what this means, don’t you?”
“I’m sure you’re about to tell me.”
Her head falls back to look up at me. “If this storm is here to stay, we’ll be stuck inside for who knows how long.”
I grin at the playfulness in her tone and gleaming in her dark eyes. Even her heart-shaped lips look deliciously poutier, like she’s daring me to take advantage.
An opportunity too good to pass up.
“It sounds like we’ll have to find some way to preoccupy ourselves,” I say slowly.
Then I’m quick.
I’m lifting Delphine up off the floor. One second she’s sitting cross-legged between my legs. The next she’s seated in my lap. She shrieks in surprise as it happens, my grip hoisting her up by her underarms and setting her down like she’s in a chair.
The cats scatter. If possible, the fat raindrops beat against our beach house harder. The mood in the air changes. Our chill relaxation vibe changes for something much more heated and passionate.
Delphine turns her head and we meet in a hungry kiss, picking up where we left off during dessert. I lay back on the sofa, perching Delphine on top so that she’s straddling me.
It’s a good position to be in—an instant turn on for many different reasons. Her curves arched and pressed against me. So close the addictive notes of her scent linger in the air. The thin layer of clothes separating her pussy from me as sits on my lower abdomen and gently rocks her hips.
She leans over as though about to resume our kisses. Before her lips can touch mine she pulls away and denies me with a glint in her eye and a smirk on her face.
Such a fucking tease.
A growl rumbles from my chest aggressive enough to rival the thunder outside.
I grab the nape of her neck and yank her mouth to mine. Her many zig-zag curls fall all around us. She still tastes like the strawberries and cream we had for dessert. I groan and suck her plump bottom lip, hungry to taste more of her.
But it’s never enough. The more of her I receive, the more I want.
Call me the greediest asshole in the world. I don’t give a shit. Where Delphine is concerned, I am.
My hands settle on her round ass and my tongue in her mouth. Deep and passionate like she likes, making her skin heat up and her breath run short.
She gyrates against me and does just that—produces breathless moans for my ears only.
The hottest fucking sound in the world. The sound of Delphine Adams turned on, practically panting.