Twisted Roses

Page 138

I squeeze her ass cheeks and feel my cock strain against the zipper in my jeans.
We’ll definitely keep ourselves preoccupied during this storm.
With the weather only growing worse, there’s no use pretending otherwise. We might as well lean into the situation.
“Bedroom,” I command. “Now.”
Delphine kisses me one last time before leaping off me, like a cat. She’s definitely in a playful mood, making the best of the stormy evening.
She stops at the doorway, tugs off her tank top, and then flings it at me. The thin fabric lands on my face. I snatch it off to her smirking at me from over her bare shoulder.
“I’ll be waiting!” she calls as she dashes off.
I’m caught between laughter and my impatient hard-on, watching her run off topless.
So tempting I almost forget about the security procedures.
Every night I ensure the place is secure. I double, triple check the locks on the windows and the doors. I verify the alarm system is on. I check in with my private security crew stands post outside the property so long as we’re staying here.
No one except my crew and inner circle know about this vacation.
But you can never be too cautious.
I check the windows in the living room and flip off the light and the TV. In the hall outside I find a surprise waiting for me—Delphine’s tiny cotton shorts. A chuckle rasps out of me as I pick them up and continue my security measures.
A gingerbread trail of her clothes.
The imagery of entering the bedroom to a naked Delphine only motivates me to hurry.
Once the first floor is good to go, and I’ve spoken to security, I start up the staircase. Her panties wait for me halfway up the stairs, freshly soaked through from our heavy kissing session. A groan vibrates from deep inside my chest feeling the damp patch of cotton and thinking about how her pussy was rubbing against it just a couple minutes ago.
Just this single piece of info causes my cock to swell even more, grow unbearably harder in my jeans.
Fucking tease did this on purpose; she knows what her worn panties do to me.
As I pocket the pair, I decide all this teasing deserves a punishment. Maybe my hand imprinted on her ass.
With this in mind, I’m a man on a mission making it the rest of the way up the staircase.
Outside, the rain shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Thepitter-patterechoes into the night. Loud enough to drown out the screams of passion I’ll soon be forcing out of her.
The master bedroom is at the end of the hall. The light’s on. The door hangs open. Knowing her she’s probably laying in bed waiting for me, sexy as fuck.
I’m walking down the hall when the loudest crash of thunder yet booms and the ceiling lights flicker.
A second later, the lights go out altogether. Everything’s plunged into total darkness.
The storm’s caused a power outage.
It’s unplanned, which leaves no room for control, and plenty of room for error.
Something I don’t like.
Too much vulnerability. Too convenient for my enemies.
“Delphine!” I call out, speed walking the rest of the way down the hall.
The pulse in my veins goes cold when she takes too long to answer. She’s supposed to be in our bedroom. Why the fuck wouldn’t she answer? Why wouldn’t she—