Mistress By Proxy (Boss of Seduction)

Page 23

Not wanting to hear another insulting word about John, she said, “If you’ll both excuse me, I’ll—”
Christian interrupted. “Actually, I need to speak with you. It’s important, Zach?” He gestured to the elevator. “Would you mind?”
Zach nodded. “I’ll be in touch. It was nice meeting you, Bianca.”
Christian waited for the elevator door to close, his body growing more rigid with every passing second. If she wasn’t certain he would never hit a woman, Bianca would be running for the guest room.
As soon as Zach was out of earshot, Christian turned on her. “Bianca? You’re on a first-name basis with him already? Exactly how long were you up here alone with him?”
“Long enough to roll around on the sheets with him. We used the master bedroom. Hope you don’t mind.”
“Are you trying to push me over the edge?”
Christian closed the distance between them until there wasn’t enough space between them for her to breathe normally. Every time she inhaled, the tips of her breasts brushed against his hard body. It didn’t seem to have the same effect on him as it did her.
“You are acting like a jealous lover,” she said. “Which is ridiculous since we’ve never... nor will we ever...”
“Look who’s talking. You were staring daggers into Ava like a jealous cat.”
Bianca shook her head adamantly. “When you saw Zach sitting on the couch with me, the green-eyed monster got you. Admit it. You hated seeing us together.”
“Yes!” he shouted. “I wanted to rip his damn head off! Is that what you want to hear? The thought of you...”
“The thought of mewhat?” When he didn’t answer, she raised the volume. “What?”
His shoulders sagged. “Doesn’t matter.”
“Say it.” Did he feel something real for her or was it just lust? “Please.”
With one finger he brushed the curtain of dark hair away from her left eye. “Picturing another man holding you in his arms makes me crazy.”
“It does?”
“I should be the only man kissing you.”
The admission threatened to turn her insides into a gooey mess that couldn’t be repaired. The masculine CEO of Christinos had no idea how desperately she wanted to jump into his arms. She tilted her chin up, ready for the promised kiss. Then she remembered Sullivan’s warning. The fact Christian didn’t want to have children was a plus, but his assistant also insisted Christian wasn’t capable of loving her.
“I thought we agreed this is a bad idea. Maybe I should move into the flat we talked about.”
“No!” He looked apologetic and lowered his voice. “It isn’t ready. My people are working on it, and it’s called an apartment here. Remember?”
“But if my presence is making it harder for you...”
“It’s not.” Christian stepped away from her, giving her room to breathe, and he raked a hand through his thick dark brown hair. “I usually work so late our paths won’t cross unless we plan it that way.”
She nodded. “I’ll continue to go into work extra early. There’s so much to be done anyway.”
“Suit yourself.” His eyes pierced hers. “I have a request. As long as you are living under my roof I would appreciate it if you would curb your sexual appetite and not entertain other men in my home.”
Insulting jerk! She crossed her arms. “What about you? Will you sleep alone while I’m here or is the rule just for me?”
“I will be so happy when our arrangement has concluded and you can go your own way.”
Since he was going to behave like a jealous lover, she decided to throw down the gauntlet. “If you want me to play your fiancé, you have to be faithful to me as long as I’m wearing your ring.”
His eyes narrowed. “Meaning?”
“Ava. I don’t want you seeing her again.”