When Life Takes A Turn

Chapter 10: Go On A Date

He began to regret coming there.He would not have done so if he had known that Thomas had
offended the Larsons.

Noticing his bewilderment, Faye clenched her teeth and said, "Ethan, even you can't figure out a way to
save my brother, can you?"

"Yes, Ethan, you’re so resourceful, but you can’t save Tommy?" Ruby asked anxiously.

Waine heaved a sigh and said sorrowfully, "The Larsons are the first family of Waltz City with influence
beyond comparison.Let’s not trouble Ethan anymore.A son's bad behavior is due to his father's
negligence.It’s my fault for not raising Tommy well.Now that he’s in trouble, it’s my burden to bear.I’m
going to pay a visit to the Larsons and offer my apologies.I’ll wait outside and apologize in hope that my
actions will move them!"

An idea came into Ethan’s mind.He smacked his thigh and said, "Don’t worry, Fifi, Mr.Carter,
Mrs.Carter.I won’t allow myself to stand aside and do nothing! I still have a certain status in Waltz City,
if I say so myself, so I believe that the Larsons will certainly show some respect to me too."


Faye’s eyes lit up.Waine and Ruby were excited.

"That’s fantastic.Ethan, we will remember your kindness to us!" Ethan swelled with pride.

As he looked at Faye’s exquisite face, he could not keep his mind from running wild and the words
escaped his mouth, "However, I have one condition.I hope that Fifi would agree to go on a date with
me after this matter is handled."

Upon saying that, Ethan immediately regretted it.

How could he allow himself to speak his innermost thoughts and feelings?! Unsurprisingly, when Faye
heard what he said, the affection on her face vanished.

The situation left her feeling slightly uncomfortable, as if Ethan was threatening her.

Her original impression of him being tall, strong, and powerful had shifted.

Waine and Ruby furrowed their brows ever so slightly as well.


Faye nodded and said, "As long as you can save my brother, I’m willing to go on a date with you."

Ethan hastily said, "Don’t misunderstand me, Fifi.I was only joking.Even if you don’t go on a date with
m e, I will still save your brother."

Faye forced a smile.

"Hmm, even if you don’t bring it up, [’ll still go on a date with you."

She was about to sacrifice her body for the family, so she was no longer pure.

Why would it matter if she went on a date with Ethan anyway? Zayn stayed in the car and watched the
intimate conversation between Faye and Ethan from afar.

They looked just like a couple and it made him feel very uneasy.He pondered for a long time and found
that h e could not calm down.He decided to head over and check out the situation.

Perhaps, he may even be able t o help out.

They were at a luxury pool hall.

When Faye and the rest of them entered, they saw Thomas kneeling on the ground and he had clearly
just taken a good beating.

His nose was bruised and his face was swollen.

Upon seeing Faye, Thomas called out in agony, "Save me, sis!"

As soon as he said that, a young man standing next to him kicked him to the ground.

The young man cursed ferociously, "I'll f*cking kill you if you shout again!"

Ruby had always spoiled Thomas.She felt as if she was dying of heartache when she saw her son
beaten u p like this.

Tears streamed down her face.

"Tommy, m y poor son..."

She wanted to run over, but Waine grabbed her tightly.

He berated her softly, "Don’t act rashly! Are you trying to get Tommy killed?!"

Ruby had also realized her mistake.

It would not be a good idea to provoke the group of young men before her, especially the young man
who was leisurely playing pool.He exuded a powerful aura.He was the leader of the gang, and she
figured that he must be the young Larson.

Faye took a deep breath, stepped forward, and said, "Gentleman, it’s my little brother Thomas’ fault for
not knowing any better and offending all of you.I hope that you can show mercy and let my brother
off.Our Carter family will be forever grateful!"

"Hey, it’s a pretty lady.She looks rather beautiful, doesn’t she?!"

"I didn’t expect that weasel would have such a beautiful sister, hah-hah."

They cracked into perverted expressions upon seeing Faye and began whistling at her.

In fact, some even tried to come over and touch her.

It startled her so much that she hastily hid behind Ethan.

"Save me, Ethan!"

Ethan was forced to suffer in silence.He recognized that the few young men there were all big shots
that h e could not afford to offend.

Every single one of them could choke him to death easily, especially that young man playing pool.He
was a Larson and his name was Adrian.

He was also the most powerful person there!! Ethan met Adrian the previous month, and he realized
that even his own father had to submit to Adrian’s demands.

Ethan enjoyed being pretentious, but he was well aware of where he stood.

His status was nothing in the eyes of Adrian, so he could not possibly request favors from him either.

Moreover, he would be doomed if he were to offend him.

At this very moment, he had even begun to retreat.

However, Faye’s call for help boosted his feelings of masculine dominance, and he chose to become
Faye’s champion.He stood straight with his head held high and his chest puffed up.

"Stop it," he commanded.

One of the rich kids pointed at Ethan and yelled, "Who the heck are you? How dare you order me to

Ethan gulped and the manly facade he tried so hard to maintain faded immediately.He took out a box of
cigarettes from his pocket and offered it to the kid.He said in a humble manner, "Sir, my name is Ethan
Capel and I’m the son of Zeus Group’s chairman, Roger Capel.I’m also in Waltz City’s social circle."

"Zeus Group?"

Furrowing his brows, the rich kid turned around and asked the others, "Hey, are any of you aware of
this Zeus Group?"

They shook their heads to show they had no knowledge of it and had not even heard of the name

Ethan was so embarrassed that his family’s Zeus Group was genuinely nothing in the eyes of these
rich kids.It was but a small company.

"I don’t f*cking care if you come from the Zeus Group or Deuce Group.Cut your jabbering and pay up
1.5 million dollars, and then I'll let you take Thomas with you.If you don’t have 1.5 million dollars,
scram!" the rich kid said tyrannically.

Ethan stooped even lower.

"Sir, Thomas is my brother -in-law.He is not an intelligent boy and too foolish t o recognize men of
authority.I wonder what he did to offend you, sir?"

Ethan was being so humble that the young man decided to control his temper.

He grunted and said, "You’re right about that.This piece of trash was so dumb that he assumed he was
the most powerful person in the world after a few drinks.He refused to apologize after running into
Larson and still had the audacity to make rude remarks! Let me tell you this, if all of you can’t pay up
1.5 million dollars as his ransom today, he can say goodbye to his hands!"

After she heard that, Ruby could not keep herself from yelling, "He had only made a few rude remarks
to all of you.Did you need to go as far as beating him u p to this extent? Moreover, you’re asking for 1.5
million dollars.Why don’t you just rob a bank then?!"

From his game, Adrian then spoke, "You’re right.I am just robbing you.Why? Your son was audacious
enough to call me a b*stard! The price has gone up now.One and a half million dollars won't solve the
issue, so you have to pay two million dollars.Of course "

At this point, Adrian cracked into a malicious smile.

"You can go ahead and report it to the police.Let’s place a bet and see if it does any good.However,
don’t blame me for not warning you in advance.Once you’ve reported to it the cops, I’ll be taking more
than just his hands.I’ll be taking his life!"

His statement made Faye and the others tremble in fear! Ethan was still gulping.He regretted offering
to help and was about to make an exit when Adrian beckoned him with his finger.He said in a taunting
manner, "So it turns out that you’re the son of Roger Capel, huh? Come here."


Ethan’s legs were trembling, but he did not have the courage to refuse.His face turned ghastly pale
from fear.

However, just as Ethan walked over and Adrian patted him on the shoulder, about to start talking, the
sound of footsteps came from the doorway.

A man walked into the room.It was none other than Zayn.

Adrian, who was still imposing as ever a moment ago, suddenly had a drastic change of expression
upon seeing Zayn.

There was actually respect and admiration in his eyes!