Three Little Guardian Angels

Chapter 2059

Cameron turned her head and said to the people behind her, “in the future, whenever the goods from
this supplier appear at our port, they‘ll be charged four times the import fee. If they don‘t want to pay it,
you‘ll ask them to get their ss and their goods out of the port. Do you understand me?”

The person behind him nodded, “Yes, sir.”

Cameron looked at the staff and placed her hand on his shoulder. He trembled from head to toe and
did not dare to speak.

“Contact the owner of the East Gate Clubhouse. Tell him that if he doesn‘t have a brain, then he should
close the club down as soon as possible.”

She then left with her men.

Back in the car, Mahina felt that something was wrong.


“Mr. Southern, it‘s obvious that Mr. Puzo is the one who played the owner of the East Gate Clubhouse,
but why would you say what you just said?”

Cameron rubbed her temples. “Do you think that the owner of the East Gate Clubhouse is mindless?
He sold all his liquor to Fabio for no reason and then paid twice the price to buy so much liquor?”

‘No businessman would want to trade at a loss. What‘s more, he clearly knows that the Southern
Clan‘s relationship with Fabio has always been very tense, and we don‘t interfere with each other in
business. So why would Fabio buy all the liquor from him in the first place?‘


Mahina was surprised.

“Could it be...”

Cameron scoffed, and her gaze looked sharp. “The owner of the East Gate Clubhouse spent twice the
price and bought three times the liquor that he needed to restock the club. He won‘t just burn his
money in vain. So perhaps, this liquor batch‘s quality is no longer the same as the original batch.

“Mahina, send someone to investigate the origin of this liquor.” The car sped on the coastal road, and
Cameron took a glance at the rearview mirror. “Someone is following us.”

Mahina nodded and accelerated.

The black sedans behind them realized that they had accelerated, so they also picked up their speed.

There was an intersection up ahead, and if they were to go straight down the coastal road, they would
arrive at the entrance of Southernshire. Cameron asked Mahina to take the uphill road that was not
open to traffic during construction.

When the cars in the back saw them turning into the uphill road, the people in the car sneered.

“They‘re as good as dead.”

However, they did not notice that there was a car behind them. Waylon originally planned to travel to
Southernshire, but he found that the cars in front seemed to be chasing after another car.

Thus, when he arrived at the intersection, he turned the steering wheel and also chose to go uphill. The
men in the cars saw a car that had stopped not far ahead on the road, and there was a no trespassing
sign located right in front of the car, so they slowed down and blocked the whole road.

Cameron and Mahina got out of the car. She put on a sturdy and sharp brass knuckle on her hand and
looked at a dozen men in black hoodies walking toward them with iron rods.

“Mahina, how long has it been since we last got to dance a little?” Cameron had already taken off her
coat, and underneath the white shirt was a tight turtleneck, which looked rather stretchy. Mahina
responded, “I would say about half a year?”

Cameron smirked. “You‘ll deal with the ones in front and leave those at the back to me.”

Mahina pulled out the double blades from behind her back.


The group of men sprinted at them with iron rods as if they were a pack of hungry wolves sweeping the
area for food. Mahina went head–to–head and fought with the men in black who came straight at them.
Meanwhile, the other group of men at the back rushed straight for Cameron.

Cameron calmly dodged the rods. She took her time before making any move, and she waltzed freely
among the crowd, and her breathing sounded uninterrupted and smooth. She moved extremely fast
and avoided all the rods that tried to attack her. Her opponents could not predict her movement, so they
could only swing their rods blindly.

In an instant, she intercepted one of the rods with one hand and rammed the other hand that had a
brass knuckle on it at the opponent. The man fell to the ground, and his head started bleeding
profusely. Two other men assaulted her. She bent her waist backward instantly, and the rods swung
over her face right in front of her eyes.