Small Town Girl Story

Chapter 8

I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner so that Jack will be able to eat when he comes back, I don't
want to fight or argue with him because of my condition and the way he is angry now he can do
anything if I make him angry and I don't want him to hurt me.

After setting the table, he comes back and walks straight to our bedroom I greet him and he just nods
his and I told him that food is ready, he turns around and sit on the dining table and eat.

When he finished eating, he went to the bedroom and I follow him because I want to talk to him

"Jack please I want to talk to you"

"What did you want?" he said not looking at me

"I want to tell you that Tuesday is my appointment with the doctor so I want to tell you that maybe you

"No, I am not coming if that is what you want to say" he cut me off before I finish my statement

I just try I know that he will not follow, the only time he follows me is when I first told him that I am
pregnant and the time the doctor reveal the gender of our baby, since then he never follows me again if
I call him, is either he said he is busy or he said he is tired even if the doctor appointment falls on a
weekend and I came back home from the hospital, is either I met him sleeping or playing game or
watching TV. I leave him and when to sleep.

In the midnight I feel that my stomach is paining me and I wake him up but he shout at me that can't I
leave him to sleep or am I the one that will first get pregnant, I said I am sorry that I don't know how I
am feeling, he said is he the doctor? if am not feeling ok, I should go and see the doctor and I should
never wake him up again when I have any complaints.

I stand up and move around the room maybe the pain will relieve me because I don't know what to do
and the time now is 3 am, nowhere to go, the pain later relief me and I went back to sleep.

"Good morning boss" I greet my morning, I just resume to work this morning

Bella good morning how are you doing?" he is looking at my belly because it is bigger than the last
time he saw me

"I am fine and good" I reply him

I went to my office and start my day well and everything went well, my friend Annie called me and we
chat a lot after that I continue my work, when I get home I try to prepare dinner and we eat but he did
not talk to me and to my surprise he did not sleep in our bedroom, he went to sleep in the guest room, I
just leave him and continue my food.

In midnight while sleep I feel stomach pain, I have to stand up and move around sometimes I drink
water, I just don’t know what to do later the pain relief me again, I decide to sleep again since tomorrow
is my appointment with the doctor I will tell her I how am feeling.

In the morning when I wake up I saw Jack taking some of his cloth to the guest room, I think he wants
to sleep separately from me but no problem, I feel tears in my eyes I just wipe them away and say my
morning prayer then decide to go to the bathroom and do my normal routine in the bathroom, when I
finish I went to make breakfast but that is when I notice that Jack has left for work, I just make my own
breakfast and head to work.

Today at work, my brother send me the baby shower pictures and all the pictures are very nice. Later
Annie calls me, now she calls me every day to know how I am feeling and we talk and chat I sent the
pictures to her and she said they are nice. I check the times and I notice that soon it will be my
appointment time, so I finish my work and leave work.

When I get to the hospital, it is not yet my turn so I sit down in the waiting room, soon I hear the nurse
call my name and I stand up and follow her to the doctor's office.

"Hi Bella, nice to see you today, how are you feeling?" The doctor said using her hand telling me to lie
down on the bed to check the baby

"Hello Doctor Emily I am fine" After checking the baby I sit on the chair in front of the doctor

"So did you have any complaint?" I reply to her saying yes

"Most of the time I feel dizzy and tired but now for the past few days now I am feeling chest pain and
stomach pain," I said

"Ok, we have to run some tests and see what is happening," I said ok and she said I should follow her,
after some series of tests she said I should come back for the result and to see what next.

When I get home, I eat my food because I already bought takeout food when I am coming from the
doctor office while eating I chat with my friend because she told me that when I come back from the
doctor office I should report back to her what the doctor said, she said I should not worry that
everything will be alright. I thank God that at least I have someone to lean on which is my friend, she
may not be with me but she is there for me whenever I have someone to talk to. When I finish my food
that is when Jack enters I greet him and he went inside maybe he has eating outside I don't know
because I already send a message to him that I can't cook dinner this night. He did not bother to ask
about what the doctor said but I am fine with it.

I clean up after I finish eating and make sure everything is in a good place, then I went to bed say my
prayer and drifted off to sleep.

Thank God I wake up today, I said my morning prayer and went inside the bathroom, I feel pain again
at the midnight and it is unbearable, I cry holding my stomach, I went to the guest room to call Jack but
he did not answer me, I am sure that he is hearing me because Jack is not a heavy sleeper. I take the
pain relief medicine the doctor prescribes for me but I still feel dizzy and weak. I lie down on the bed
and sleep.

In the morning, I prepare breakfast and went to call Jack that breakfast is ready because I can still hear
that he is inside, I greet him and he responds then start eating. He did not even bother to ask me why
am I knock on his door at midnight. when we finish breakfast I clean the dishes and head to work, when
I get to work I get all my work done, and later my friend calls me we talk for some time.

When it is time for me to go home, I went to the supermarket to get some groceries and I get home to
prepare dinner, after dinner we walk to our respective room and I say my prayer then sleep. The next
morning Doctor Emily call me that the result is out I should come and she set an appointment for me,
after work, I went straight to the hospital. I am in the hospital waiting for my turn, soon the nurse calls
my name and I went inside the doctor's office and she told me to sit down. She is looking through some
papers and I sure it is my test result because my name is written on it but her face is not happy as
before when I come for my appointments or check-ups.

I am scared right now because I don't maybe the test result is good or bad.