Love in full bloom

Chapter 317: Can I Trust You?

On Friday, when Mo Qinyu arrived, Ru Chen was talking and laughing with the two women, acting very

A trace of surprise across her eyes quietly and silently.

Ru Chen had never been like this. He had always been very low-key at parties and would never talk to

She remained calm, walked over and smiled at him, "Mr. Ru, the party is very good."

She was still in the state of amnesia, so she didn't intentionally call him brother.

Ru Chen's mouth evoked a smile of evil charm, "Sister, I am waiting for you to come here, lest your
body is inconvenient.

Mo Qinyu heard that there was something special in his words, and friends in the circle were telling her
that she was pregnant. It's estimated that he also heard something.

"I don't have any inconveniences. You can't believe those rumors outside, okay?"

Ru Chen spread his hand, "Sister, I'm your god brother. If you have anything, you can't hide it from

There was a narrow shimmer flashed on Mo Qinyu's dark eyes.

"I ... I do have something to tell you." Her voice was low and she glanced at the woman next to him.

He patted the women's shoulders and signaled them to leave.

After the two men left, Mo Qinyu sat beside him.

"Can I really believe you?"

"Of course, I'm your brother." Ru Chen narrowed his lips and said solemnly.

Mo Qinyu half-covered her mouth and lowered her voice. "A lot of things have happened to me
recently. I am amnesic and I don't remember the previous things. Qin Yichen said that I was kidnapped
and injected with poison drugs, which cause brain cells to be injured, and I lose memory. "

Ru Chen was shocked, "Who did it?"

After taking a sip of water and pursing her lips, then Mo Qinyu continued to say, "Actually, I wasn't
kidnapped. I had been with my ex for a while, but I don't remember how I was with him. But this is not
the point. The point is that everyone tells me that he is dead. Every time I think of it, I feel very scared. I
can't tell now whether he is a human or a ghost. "

She rubbed her forehead, she's headache, and sighed heavily.

Ru Chen's dark eyes flickered faintly under the light, seeming unpredictable, "Have you not asked him?
What did he tell you?"

Mo Qinyu blinked, with a look of confusion on her face, "He said he was not dead, and he was always
pretending to be dead. Recently I have studied a lot of spiritual doctrines. Ghosts will feel that they are
not dead, will it be that he has dead long ago. It was only his soul that appeared before me, but he
didn't know he was dead. "

Ru Chen covered his mouth and coughed, as if he was severely scared by her words, "Sister, your
imagination is too rich."

Mo Qinyu pursed her lips, "I knew you wouldn't believe it. I wouldn't tell you if I knew it. You said you
are my brother, and you didn't trust me at all."

Ru Chen made a grimace, "Sister, I tell you, I have been to many places, I have explored many placed
that human haven't explored, especially those so-called mysterious areas, but I have never seen

Hearing this, Mo Qinyu's heart shook slightly.

In the past, Ru Chen never mentioned his travels, explorations, and adventures. He lost his memory,
and he didn't remember these things. Did he really bring this matter back to his memory today?

She didn't show it, but said in a dialectical tone: "You haven't seen it and it doesn't mean it doesn't
exist. Many people in the world have seen ghosts, and so far, no one can deny the existence of a soul."

She tilted her head, her expression looked very naive, very simple, without any trick, she's harmless.

This was also the state that Ru Chen wanted. Only in this way, he can control her under his own palms.
"Sister, tell me, does he have feet and shadows?"

"Yes, just like living people. But spiritually speaking, ghosts have different forms, and they don't all exist
in the form of brain waves. Maybe he has transformed into a human form." She argued slowly.

Ru Chen froze for a moment, sweating enthusiastically, this woman's imagination was too rich, why not
go to be a screenwriter?

"Sister, let's do this, the next time you see him, you can carefully observe whether his behavior is
exactly the same as a living person."

"Okay." Mo Qinyu nodded.

It was silent for a while, Ru Chen poured her a glass of wine. "Sister, shall we have a drink?"

Mo Qinyu felt that he was testing her, so she shrugged, and said casually, "I can't drink, my brain cells
are damaged, I'm taking medicine every day, and I can't even touch a drop of wine."

Ru Chen glanced at her quietly, "Everyone is telling that you are pregnant."

Mo Qinyu laughed, like a mockery for gossip, "I am taking medicine, how can I get pregnant? And I will
not let myself be pregnant until Acong's matter is clear."

She behaved very naturally, and her tone was very calm. She didn't have too many emotions. She just
explained her thoughts.

Ru Chen smiled, "It should be a bit cautious, after all, it is related to the happiness of your life. Don't
choose the wrong man who can be entrusted for life."

Her naughty tongue stuck out, "Since you are my brother, you should check the man for me."

"Of course I will." Ru Chen's smile deepened.

After, Mo Qinyu got up and left, she changed a place, and silently observe his words and behavior.

Her eyes grew deeper and sharper, hiding all her thoughts in her heart.

When she returned to the villa, Qin Yichen had just coaxed the little boy to sleep.

He did not go to the party on purpose. With him, Ru Chen would be very cautious and would not show
his feet easily.

After returning to the room, Mo Qinyu said in a condensed and sad tone: "I found that Ru Chen today is
completely different from before, just like another person, he is likely to really recover his memory. But
the person who got along with me on the island must not be him, that person is very similar to Shi

Cong, even his character and behavior are like him. And during that time, didn’t you send someone to
follow Ru Chen? He was climbing outside, there can't be avatars. "

This was also what Qin Yichen didn't understand, so he sent someone to keep watching Ru Chen in
secret, instead of directly getting even with him.

"I will definitely investigate this matter to see who is manipulating this matter."