Remarriage? Never And Go Away!

Chapter 1475

Because You Are Here

When Harvie saw that it was Gloria who came in, he told her that he was going out to a party tonight.

Gloria was not interested in parties.

She knew he was busy, and she also knew that people who didn’t know their relationship would
misunderstand if they saw them together.

She shook her head. “I don’t really want to go. Uncle Harvie, Violet… She is loyal to you, please forgive
her and let her stay here.”

Harvie was a little surprised. “If it wasn’t for the words she said, you wouldn’t have been talked about
like that.”

He didn’t expect Gloria would actually beg him to forgive Violet.

Violet was placed by him at her side for no more than a day.

Before they knew they were family, Gloria was not the kind of person to help others casually, not to
mention someone that framed her.

For a while, Harvie was wondering what Violet had done in a short time to make Gloria help her.

Gloria knew that Harvie wanted to protect her and didn’t want her to be wronged.

But this little thing didn’t affect her much, and it was impossible to silence the crowd!

“Harvie, everyone now does not know my identity so they misunderstand us. Violet just lost her head
for the moment, but she is a very good assistant which you are more clear than me. In the past years,

you must see her excellence. Otherwise, Violet would also be disabled and replaced, rather than letting
her go simply.”

Gloria pursed her lips and slowly said to persuade Harvie.

Harvie did not answer, because what Gloria said was the truth.

“Keep her. I think she’s a nice person. If you don’t want her, then don’t blame me for poaching her.”
Gloria smiled softly.

Harvie did not immediately answer but was silent for a few seconds before slowly saying, “Those
people are all gone, it’s not appropriate if she stays here. I need to treat everyone equally.”

Gloria understand what he meant.

However, she immediately pointed out, “If everyone should be treated equally, then why didn’t Violet
end up the same as those who were replaced? You already treated them differently because Violet is
your right hand.”

Harvie smiled, “You are right. Since you have pleaded for her, then I will let her stay.”

Thus, Violet didn’t have to leave.

And Ernest disguised by Jordy was arranged by Harvie to go to Croatia to investigate something.

As soon as he came out of the room, Jordy was dragged aside by Gloria, who had a black face. “Jordy,
you are really a psycho, where is the real Ernest now?”

Jordy was not surprised that she recognized himself, and did not continue the disguise.

“He was locked up by me in the basement, and I have my own plan to do so.” Jordy said lightly, and he
didn’t see anything wrong with what he was doing.

It was unnecessary for Gloria to be so angry and anxious.

But Jordy’s words made Gloria became angrier. “Your own plan? You’ve got the Misty Lucid
Ganoderma, and the special flight back home has all been arranged for you. Jordy, what’s the point of
you staying here?”

She couldn’t understand this bastard!

This question made Harvie confused. What’s the point of him staying here?

He wanted to see what Gloria planned to do and figure out what’s her relationship with the owner of
Crockfords Club. Heather, Mr. Goddard, and the club owner were always around her, and he did not
think it was a coincidence, nor did he think she could handle all these things alone.

“Because you are here.”

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