The Weekend

Page 6

“You’ve inspired me to try one, Jordan. I mean, you are the best at making them. I feel as though I wouldn’t be taking advantage of my opportunity if I didn’t get the best.” What the hell was I doing? I don’t flirt. Flirting leads to other things. I needed to stop. It was too soon.
Jordan got to work behind the counter. He reminded me of the sexy Gerard Butler, except Jordan was much sexier. Taller, too. I imagined his long muscular arms around me. He shook the mixer with an extra large flourish of his arms and then when he poured it into the glass, he had it dangerously far from the glass. Yet, he didn’t spill a drop. It was kind of impressive.
“Did they teach you that at bartender school?” I asked.
“No, learned it at college. Chicks dig it.” He added a bit of lime and mint to garnish and pushed it towards me. “Let me know what you think?”
I picked it up and took a sip. It was sweet and minty. I smacked my lips in appreciation.
“It’s good. Refreshing on a hot day,” I said. “I see why people like it.”
“The best is correct, isn’t it?” He watched me drink, his dark blue eyes following my neck as I swallowed. Jordan put away the muddler and shaker. When he was done, he picked up his book and started sketching again.
He concentrated and when he did, his mouth moved from side to side as if he was swishing something in his mouth. I moved a piece of tickling hair off of my neck. He looked up and his eyes met mine.
“Are you drawing me again?”
He nodded and gave me a crooked half smile. “You’re an excellent subject. Your nose is perfect and easy to draw.” He showed me the sketch he was finishing, then flipped the pages to where he drew me on Friday. “You were tense on Friday and now you have a bit of glow to you. It’s like I’m drawing two different people.”
“Weekends have that effect on me,” I said.
“I’m guessing you did some work on the weekend too. You don’t seem the type to just walk around the city and not be prepared for the week.”
I nodded and took a sip of the drink. It was sweet, and I liked it. Jordan went back to sketching. I finished my drink and pushed it towards him.
“Do you want another one?”
“No, thank you. Maybe some water.” I gazed at him while he took the glass.
“Hydration. I like where your head is at, Katie.” He looked at me for a moment. The way he said my name made me smile. “I get off work in thirty minutes. I’ve got to go home and feed my cat, but afterwards I’d love to take you out to dinner.”
“You have a cat?”
He grinned. “His name is Perseus.”
“Do you have something against cats?” He smirked, passing me the water.
“No, it’s just you don’t seem like a cat person.”
“I don’t discriminate. I like all animals. Dogs in cities are a challenge. It’s not fair for the dogs.”
He took the glass and rinsed it. I couldn’t go with him to dinner. What was I supposed to do? Have a one-night stand? He was tall and that smile, his lips so kissable. My thoughts trailed off on that idea.
“So, dinner?” He interrupted my reflections.
“I’m sorry, I’m heading out with a colleague tonight for dinner. We’re going to plan our revolution within the firm.” Chuck Brindle, the third partner in my firm, had called me and we were going to dinner to have a pregame discussion before we met with Richard in the morning.
“That’s a good use of your time. Take that Cook fella down.” He hesitated for a moment, as if he was going to ask me something. He didn’t. “Good luck on the revolution.”
“Thanks, Jordan. I’ll see you around.” I put some money on the bar and tapped it with my knuckles.
“Well, not if I see you first.”
I bit my lip as I walked out the doorway. He was definitely flirting with me.