The Weekend

Page 22

He brushed his lips on mine wet with rain and was about to walk away but stopped. He turned around and kissed me deeper. Time stood still, and it was like no one was in the hotel lobby but us. When he released me, I was breathless and my heart beat wildly.
“I’m happy you’re coming,” he murmured into my swollen lips.
“Of course I’ll be there.”
“I’ll have George get you a car at five thirty,” he said.
I looked at my watch. That was only two hours from now, plenty of time to finish the work I had waiting for me.
He left quickly and spoke to George on the way out.
I watched Jordan get back into the taxi and drive away. My heart thumped a few more times for emphasis. George came in and confirmed a car.
“The car will be here at five-twenty. Will you need a return trip?” George asked.
“No, I should be fine on my own tonight. Thank you, George.”
“Ms. Jones, you look different. I have a good feeling about Monday.” He was right, I was different. had a good feeling about it as well, or maybe that was just how I felt right now.
“Thanks, George.”
I walked to the old elevator and pressed the black button for my floor.
I got out of the shower, dried my hair, I made an attempt and put makeup on my face. I adjusted the black dress pants and the silky blouse I wore with it. This would pass in New York for an evening out, so it had to pass with DC.