The Weekend

Page 25

“It’s an art show. My friend did this work,” I said just as cooly. His female companion looked familiar, but I couldn’t place her. Was she on his legal team? Or his wife… mistress?
“I hear the Chief Justice will be here. Are you trying to gain an edge?” Cameron sneered at me, deeper. I’m not sure that was possible. My image of him as a sniveling prick just increased, and I hoped, selfishly, we won on Monday just to see his crestfallen ugly face. Engaging with this guy wasn’t worth my time and energy. To imply that I would need a step up in this case was laughable. I took a deep breath and prepared to school this jerk in how well prepared we were. The truth was Cameron presented an exemplary case, but I wanted to smear him in this moment.
Just then a hand rested on the small of my back. “There you are, Katie. I thought Eleanor was taking care of you. I see she got distracted with her students.” Jordan planted a kiss on my cheek and I forgot my interaction with Cameron, my muscles relaxing into his, my back molding into his firm body.
Jordan looked Cameron up and down, then to me, eyes twinkling. “Are you enjoying the show?”
“I was until a few seconds ago.” I looked over at Cameron and his date. He held out his hand.
“Jordan, my name is Cameron Berkshire. I’ve been waiting for some time to meet you. I’m a big fan. My wife and I have been hoping we could do a sitting with you.”
Jordan didn’t draw his gaze away from me until my face flushed. “You look beautiful tonight.” He kissed my forehead and then glanced at Cameron as if he were a fly pestering him at a picnic.
“I’m sorry. Who are you?” Jordan asked.
“Cameron Berkshire. It’s nice to meet you.”
Cameron held out his hand again, and Jordan took it. “Ahh… You are defending the Fullerton Home. Interesting case. Great argument you gave in court. Really excellent. Kept the emotions out of it. Such a skill, for a lawyer to be able to defend anyone regardless of their morality.” Jordan let go of the man’s hand as if it were filled with slime. Professionally, I wouldn’t say those things out loud. Jordan had just stopped me from embarrassing myself.
His date raised her lip just slightly.
“Is this your wife?” Jordan asked, holding out his hand to the quiet woman.
“No, my associate from work.” Cameron didn’t introduce her. His face flushing red. “My wife couldn’t be here tonight.”
“That’s a shame. Enjoy the rest of your evening.” Jordan guided me towards the next painting. I turned to see Cameron’s face, a bright red clashing with his wisps of orange hair. His companion had left his side to join someone else. I smiled to myself. Guess she wouldn’t be going home with him. Who knew a Jordan had such social pull in a crowd? I guessed these were all Jordan’s friends, so that made sense. Maybe Eleanor helped create this circle around him like she’s trying to do for these students.
“I’m sorry I left you alone for so long.”
“Yeah, Cameron…”
“Yes, you’ve mentioned him before. I put him in a lower level than Cook.”
That was an accurate assessment of how I felt about Cameron. I enjoyed beating him in court. I’ve lost to him a few times, which was disappointing, but this case on Monday would be big. Not just for my ego, but for the people I was representing. My brother and his husband had fostered children for a few years before they adopted my nieces. They’d been such a beautiful family, so much love for each other. While they fostered, they helped families come together, find permanent homes… this case hit me in the heart.
I turned to face Jordan, and I reached up to touch his jawline. He leaned down and kissed me.
“You are my knight in shining armor,” I whispered in his ear. He grinned.
“You don’t need one. You are strong enough to slay your own dragons, but I would not give that guy any of my time tonight. In fact, I’d like to give it all to you, but Charles might disapprove.”
“I’m fine by myself,” I assured him.
“You are fine. But I want you fine with me.” He said. “Let’s find my sister before they have to leave.”