The Weekend

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I stared at him. I didn’t know who this man was to Jordan. I certainly didn’t want to agree on a personal topic I was extremely shaky on.
“What do you think of the art? I’m not much of an art enthusiast. It seems all the same to me,” he mused and then looked back at me.
“Hey Henry, are you hitting on my date?” Jordan strode over, hugging the Senator.
“No, just trying to determine what she sees in you. She doesn’t know anything about art either and she’s too polite to say this is all crap.” Henry punched him in the arm.
“He’s your friend too?” I asked, dumbfounded. The amount of powerful people Jordan had an acquaintance with was astounding.
“Jordan knows everyone in the city. I think he makes it his business to know everyone,” Henry said.
“I don’t make it my business. I grew up here. I want to sell my art and you country folks are dumb enough to believe my work on your wall will give you a leg up with the financial contributors.” Jordan punched him back.
If I wasn’t here, they’d probably wrestle like two bear cubs playing for dominance.
“Katie, Henry was my roommate in college. He apologizes for his poor behavior tonight. He wouldn’t know art if it walked up to him in a tight dress.”
“Well, I had hoped this was the art you were talking about when you invited me.” Henry pointed at me.
I blushed at that comment. Everyone seemed to recognize me.
“Seriously, Katie, your work is amazing. I’m a big fan.” His eyes twinkled when he spoke.
My head was spinning. I had no idea people knew who I was. Tonight was becoming overwhelming. Like a storm had washed over me and wave after wave of people Jordan was friends with floated over me.
“Speaking of Jimmy, I told him the other day I had his portrait in the show. Where is he?”
“He’s probably in front of it trying to ensure the buyer is someone he would approve of.” Henry laughed. “Seriously, Jordy, this is great. Your work is impressive. It’s dark but good.”
“Thanks, Henry. Knowing you know nothing about art that makes me feel amazing.” Jordan laughed.
“I’m just keeping it real. I stay in my lane. Legislation, I’m all over that. Art? Not so much. I love you, man. At least you have that,” Henry said and pulled Jordan in for a hug. “You should be really proud. I am.”
I watched them. A gorgeous man came forward and eyed them both.
“I always knew you loved Henry. He’s mine, back off Jordan,” The gorgeous man took Henry’s hand. “I’m Jimmy.”
“I’m Katie.”
He put his other hand on top of mine. “I’m glad you’re here.”
“Thank you.” My mind swam with all these people, his friends, his connections. This has been an overwhelming evening.
I watched Henry wrap his arm around Jimmy’s waist. Tonight was all about Jordan’s family. He was sharing them with me. All of them.
I reached for Jordan’s hand, and Jimmy watched me as a grin grew on his face. He winked at me as if he had a secret that only we shared.
Jordan squeezed my hand. “Eleanor is leaving. I need to walk her out.”
“I’m coming with you,” Henry said. “She owes me money from a bet we made.” He kissed Jimmy on the cheek. “I’ll be right back. Show her our boy’s work.”
Jimmy placed my hand in the crook of his elbow.
“This show was hard to put together. He didn’t want it. He just wanted to hoard his work up in that loft. Eleanor and Henry had to pry it from his hands.” Jimmy laughed at the joke only he understood.
We stopped in front of another painting of the beach and a few houses destroyed by the tsunami that came after the earthquake. It was as if the sunset was framed by the wave.
“This one is my favorite. It’s so beautiful yet so horrible in one frame, you know what I mean?”