The Weekend

Page 33

“Thank you for today. I…” He hesitated, his words echoing in my head. “I enjoyed spending time with you, Katie. If you aren’t doing anything tomorrow, we could do more.”
My chest was tightening. I didn’t like this. He was leaving. He couldn’t leave.
His eyes scanned mine. He was searching for my approval, but I was unsure. Why was he leaving?
He brushed the back of his fingers on my cheek and tucked some hair behind my ear. I stepped closer. He leaned down, his lips brushing mine. The day’s images flashed before me. It was a good day, and I didn’t want it to end.
The kiss stopped, and I looked into his eyes, begging him to stay. He reached for the door and it moved open. I stepped in front of the door, leaned backwards to shut it. Jordan’s hand was still on the handle.
“Please. Don’t leave,” I asked. “Being with you makes me feel human again. Feeling you with me…” I couldn’t finish my thought. My eyes searched his face for a sign that he wanted to stay. He pulled his hand away from the door and grasped my neck, pulling me towards him, covering my lips with his. On fire, I sizzled, panting between kisses. A small moan escaped me when he drizzled kisses along my neck and below my ear. He picked me up, and I wrapped my legs around his body. He pushed me against the wall and I gasped with pleasure.
“Jordan,” I whispered with my lips on his ear. “I need you.”
He turned our bodies towards the bedroom.