The Weekend

Page 35

“Sounds good to me.”
He took my hand as we walked out the door. We waved to George, and he smiled at us. We trekked down 14th street, passing the Holocaust Museum.
“Have you ever been in there?” I asked.
“Yes, it’s emotional. How about you?”
“No. Someday, I’ll go. With my work, I feel as though this is what I am fighting against. We can’t have this happen again. Yet, across the world…”
He squeezed my hand.
“You can’t save everybody, Katie. One day at a time. One human at a time.”
I suppose he was right.
“How does your family know the Hendrick’s?”
We came to a streetlight and waited for it to change. Jordan looked down at me.
“We were neighbors when Emery and I were younger. Ben and Emery hit it off, boy next door kind of thing. Ben’s a good guy. His parents are too.”
We walked in silence for a few minutes.
“Would you ever consider moving to DC?” Jordan asked.
“I don’t care where I live. It’s just a place to sleep.” I glanced at Jordan and he watched my face. Was that the answer he wanted? Was he hoping that I would move here and we could have a relationship?
“I don’t know. We don’t have an office here, but that might save me some time since most of my cases end up here,” I mused. “I’m not sure if my partners would be game for it.”
The Jefferson Memorial came into view. Small paddle boats meandered around the water surrounding the memorial. As we walked, the faint scent of vanilla and almonds surrounded us under the pink blossoming cherry trees. We were silent, his hand laced in mine. I got lost in my thoughts of moving to DC. What cases would I miss out on? I’m not sure I would miss out. The bigger ones came to me regardless of where I lived. I ran into the Boston office when I took Cook’s place.
“Nickel for your thoughts?” Jordan said.
I looked up at him. “No pennies?”
“I thought this was more appropriate.” He pointed at the massive memorial in front of us.
“Wow, we got here fast,” I noted.
“Once you’re here, what do you usually do?”
I smiled. I was a little embarrassed by it, but I should share with him why I came to be here.
“I stare at him and meditate.”
He gave me an endearing smile, “Get to it. I’ll sketch. I’ll be over there if you need me.” He let his lips brush over my forehead and walked to where he had pointed.
When he walked away, I stared, wanting to be near him, observe him draw. Meditate by watching his hand speed across the page. I’d seen him so many times at the bar. He sat down on the steps facing the Tidal Basin. Down below, a group of people exercised to a portable speaker. Jefferson looked down at me, judging me with his nineteen foot bronze self.
I took a deep breath. I could live here and see this anytime. I glanced to where Jordan sat sketching.
Him too.
I pushed that thought from my mind. It was too complicated. I couldn’t do this again. I couldn’t allow myself to love someone. It hurt too much. It was just the weekend. That’s all. I took another deep breath and walked over to where Jordan stood. He was busy drawing on his small sketchbook. He smiled at me.
“Done meditating already?”