The Weekend

Page 38

He put the small sketchbook away and pulled out the unfinished water and handed it to me. Jesus’ bus was gone and Jordan seemed to know every bus driver as he waved to them.
As we approached the large white statue of Martin Luther King Jr, I gasped.
“I had no idea how big this was.” I stopped walking and stared at the Mountain of Despair quote and imagined that the stone of hope was in Dr. King’s wrapped arms.
“It’s amazing, right?”
We took time to read all the quotes surrounding the monument.
“We can take the bus or walk to Lincoln’s Memorial. Which would you prefer?” Jordan asked.
“Walk,” I pronounced slow as if I wasn’t sure.
He assessed me, then nodded. “Okay. It’s not too far. I’ll buy you an ice cream and we can sit on the steps.”
“Thanks, dad.” I said and rolled my eyes.
“It’s hot and we haven’t had lunch.”
“At least you’ve kept me hydrated.”
He took my hand. “That’s enough out of you, Miss Snarky pants. You need a snack.”