The Weekend

Page 43

“Iprobably should get going. I’ve got a busy day tomorrow,” I said.
He stood so close to me so my body reacted towards his, like a blooming flower. Heat flushed my cheeks. His fingers traveled up my arm sending tingles down my back and I stepped closer to him.
He picked up the remote and hit a few buttons. Music I recognized blared through the speakers. It was a rockabilly music from the movie Swingers from the nineties.
I laughed. “Seriously? I don’t know how to dance to this.” I picked up my glass of wine and drank a gulp for courage.
“You had no problem dancing to the Irish music on Friday,” He teased.
“That was different, I was intoxicated.”
“No excuses. No one is judging your dancing abilities. I’ll teach you the steps. You’ll be fine.”
The music filled my brain. Jordan pulled me towards the empty-ish area where we could dance without getting hit by a tree or bush.
“So watch my steps.”
He modeled for me some simple steps. I watched and caught on fast. He pulled me into his arms and the beat from the music took over. Jordan swung me around and with each turn, thoughts of my family filled my head. He spun me in one direction and then the thoughts were gone. A couple more turns and the thoughts disappeared all together.
We danced a few more songs and Jordan grabbed a few waters from a small fridge I hadn’t noticed before. He watched as I drank all of my water.
I glanced around the garden. The sun had set and all the twinkle lights gave off a warm romantic light. Jordan took my hand in his. He pulled me in for an embrace. A mix of emotion swirled in my head as images of my dead family raced through the storm that was brewing. Emily and David in the kitchen eating breakfast as I guzzled coffee to head out the door. His airplane noises and open mouth as he mimicked her perfect little lips shaped in an “O.” I reflected on the days we had together and my heart thumped in my chest.
The music changed, and my mood turned. I didn’t want to go, but I had to work. People were depending on me. The parade Obi and her wife were a part of today solidified it. Jordan and I couldn’t last forever. Nothing lasts forever. My breath hitched as I thought about my family again. The idea of losing a family hurt too much. The pain crushed through my chest and Jordan held me tighter.
Did he understand what I was going through right now? He didn’t. No one could understand the loss. I didn’t understand it until right now. I never wanted to feel that pain again. If I let him in, if I loved again, I could lose.
Jordan held me close, and we swayed to the music. His hands moved down my back, and I tingled from the touch. My hand reached up to his neck, and I grasped his hair.
I didn’t need Jordan in my life, but I loved the way I felt when I was with him. The music moved us back and forth as my other hand moved under his shirt. His hard abs on my finger tips kindled the embers burning in my belly. My thumb traced the edge of his pants and he trembled from my touch. I pulled back and looked into his eyes. The green, blue tint had darkened, and they almost smoldered.
“Come on,” He growled, and he took me downstairs. When we reached the bottom of the stairs, he turned and wrapped me in his arms. His hands under my shirt and tugging at my pants. He pushed me against the railing and kissed me. His hands push up my shirt, threatening to pull it off. I laughed and kissed him back.
“Jordan,” I whispered. “Take me to your room.”
He picked me up, powerful hands lifting me as easily as if I weighed nothing, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. We made it to his room and while still straddled on top of him. He pulled my shirt over my head, then laid me on his bed.
“Clothes off,” I demanded, and he rewarded me with a dazzling smile. My heart thumped at a rapid beat.
What am I doing?
He got naked and his body was rock hard. He pulled on my yoga pants and as he took them off, his lips trailed around my hips. He removed my bra and gently touched my breast until I was panting for more. His lips were on my neck and tickling behind my ear. Then his hand focused back on rubbing my heat. My hips raised to his touch, and I fell apart.
“Katie, will you do me a favor?” His lips pressed on my ear. Then he moved back to my lips, gently sucking on my bottom lip. He didn’t let me answer, so I just nodded. I would do whatever he asked me in this state.
He moved to my other ear and adjusted his hand, delivering more pleasure to my almost sedated self.
“Stay with me tonight. Just one more night,” he whispered.
Not that. I needed to leave.
“I’ll set the alarm for early. Your hotel is two minutes away.”
He removed his hand and my body reacted by pulling his hips closer to mine.
“Say you will stay,” he whispered as his lips dragged along my neck. My desire for him was uncontrollable, and he forced it to make me agree.