The Weekend

Page 51

He winced and stared, searching my face for the answers I wasn’t giving him.
“Well, you dropped off the painting. Was there something else?”
I nodded as a few tears rolled down my cheeks.
He brightened as if he knew something I didn’t. Then it hit me. So simple.
“I love you,” I breathed. Three words I should have said a month ago. I should have stayed and told him then and now…
He stared at me, blinking as a small smile formed.
“I know.”
He dropped the painting. It clattered to the floor and like a bullet, he took one step to reach me. He put his hand behind my neck and pressed his lips on mine. My mind erased and everything I thought I would say, should say, disappeared.
His lips traveled to my ear. “I love you too.”
“I’m opening an office here,” I said my words coming back, not pretty but efficient.
“You’re what?” Jordan pulled back to look at me.
“I’m going to live here…. full time.”
He pulled back, and his eyes glittered.
“You can stay here.” He scanned me again, “Do you want to stay here?”
I put my hand on his face, and he leaned into it. “I want to be wherever you are. You’re my home.”