Entangled (Angel's Halo MC 2)

Page 8

Pink filled her cheeks, spreading down her neck and across her chest. So. Damn. Sexy. My dick jumped in reaction to how much I liked her blush, skimming across her wet folds. We both hissed at the contact but I wasn’t about to let my dick take over right this second. “Willa?” I urged, needing to know the answer.
“I’ll stop if you want me to…”
I shook my head. “I didn’t say I don’t like it, Willa. I just want to know why.”
“Because I can’t make love with you and call you Spider. It just feels wrong to me. I love your real name.” Willa sighed. “It’s okay, Spider. I won’t call you James again… and… And you don’t have to kiss me if you don’t want to.”
Cursing under my breath I pulled her in close. The heat from her mouth was nearly as hot as that from her pussy. It felt like it would blister my lips. The scent of minty toothpaste and sweet nectar filled my nose right before I devoured her mouth. Her nails bit into my triceps as she held on. I had suspected that Willa was a virgin from day one with the way she turned pink at just the sight of me without a shirt on most days, but she was no novice when it came to kissing. Jealousy washed over me like an acid bath. I wanted to kill every fucker who had ever had his lips on my female. The kiss became more aggressive as my blood boiled with a mixture of need and rage. Shit, I’d never been jealous a day in my life.
Willa moaned and pulled back just enough to suck in a few deep breaths. “Are you mad at me?” Her lips were swollen, maybe even bruised. I wasn’t sorry, though. It was proof that she was mine.
“How many guys have you kissed?” I demanded, my voice rough with the mixture of emotions racing through me, making my tone almost harsh.
“Two,” she answered without flinching. Her chin came up, not backing down from me. In those eyes—those freaking storm cloud gray eyes that I suddenly realized I loved—I saw the amusement. She thought it was funny that I was jealous?
“You are to never speak to them again.” I was such a barbarian.
“Cave man.” She laughed when I just continued to glare at her. “I haven’t spoken to either guy since the night I made out with them. The only guy who I want near my lips right now is you.” She lowered my head and softly brushed her lips over mine. “Now kiss me right or don’t kiss me at all.”
There was no way I could keep from kiss her now. There was something in the way her mouth tasted—something drug-like that had invaded my body and was twisting me up inside. One kiss and I was a goner. There was no longer any doubt as to whether this was a dream or reality. Reality was so much better. Sweeter. Hotter.
She consumed me with her kiss, making me mindless. I flipped her onto her back, our legs half on and half off the bed. Her thighs opened and my dick, as if knowing that he belonged there, pushed into her opening. Her whimper had me rocking forward until the head was completely in.
So. Tight.
My eyes nearly rolled back at how tight she was. Squeezing the tip of my dick like a silky, wet vice. Gritting my teeth to keep from yelling out from the ecstasy of it, I looked down at her to see if she was okay. I wasn’t in far enough to have breached her virginity yet, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t be hurting her.
There was no sign of pain on her face when she smiled up at me. For a second I was struck dumb by the sheer beauty of the female lying under me. All of that long, glossy dark hair spread like a fan over the sheets. Her breasts lifting and jiggling with each panted breath she took. Her eyes a gun metal color once more from the suppressed desire banked in their depths. Lips swollen from my kisses.
“You feel so good, Spider.” She arched her hips just a little and I pushed in just a little more.
“James,” I corrected her and thrust deep.
I saw the pain flash across her face. Her lips puckered, her forehead wrinkled, and her eyes filled instantly with tears. Her chin started to tremble and I was lost. I couldn’t handle the sight of her about to cry. She was so small and I was not the average man in the dick department. Lowering my head I brushed my lips over her damp eyes, whispering to her how sorry I was for hurting her. I should have prepared her better. Should have done a million things differently. I’d never been with a virgin until now. This was just as new to me as it was to her.
Willa didn’t speak and I tried not to move until she was able to handle me without pain. To distract her—and myself—I let my hands wonder over her body while I continued to kiss her face. “Don’t hate me.”
She gasped as I cupped her full breasts in my hands, her hardened nipples scraping over the palms of my hands. “It’s not your fault,” she murmured. “I was a virgin. I knew it was going to hurt.”
Trailing soft, biting kisses down her neck, I felt her growing damper around my dick still buried balls deep inside of her. It took every ounce of strength I had not to move, to not start thrusting my way to heaven. I kissed across her collarbone and down her left breast. Teasing the nipple with my tongue, I was rewarded with her pussy walls clenching around me. Sucking it deep into my mouth, she whimpered and her long nails scraped down my back, breaking skin.
“Touch me…”
The hesitant command made me grin against her flesh. Pulling back I pushed my hand between us and flicked my thumb over her clit. The quiver of her inner walls made my balls tighten. Shit. I wasn’t going to last
long if she kept that up.
“J-J-James-s-s,” she cried. I buried my face in her chest, kissing and nibbling while I continued to rub in tight little circles at her clit. I didn’t move, didn’t even try. There was no need. The way her tight pussy was contracting around me was getting me there faster than anything I had ever done before.
Willa traced her nails over my bald head, making me growl with pleasure. If I’d known it would feel this good to have a female’s hands on my bare head I would have shaved it long before now.
“Is it supposed…to feel this good…after hurting…so damn bad?” she asked, panting harder as I increased the suction on her nipple. “Fuck! That feels good.”
Her question barely registered and I couldn’t have answered it even if I had the sense to understand it. Honestly, I couldn’t remember sex ever feeling this good. It had only ever been about the release that came with sex, not the way it made me feel during it. In the past it was about blowing off steam so that I didn’t knock someone’s head off, so this really was new territory for me. I wasn’t racing to get off, instead I was making sure that this felt just as ground-shaking good for her as it did for me.
Her body started to tense and I knew she was close. I raised my head and sealed our lips to drown out the scream that I could feel already beginning to build deep inside of her. Her entire body clenched and it was like having a velvet glove grip my dick and not let go. I rocked back, away from the heat and nearly painful grip of her pussy only to slam back into her again and again while my fingers continued to rub her clit, working her orgasm out. Two more thrusts inside of that tight paradise and I was pushing my own shout of release into her mouth.