Entangled (Angel's Halo MC 2)

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“Of course we are going to have this baby. That was never an option.” She jumped up and started pacing the length of the room. It wasn’t very big with just a queen-sized bed, a small TV stand and a television no more than thirty-two inches. If you added the connecting bathroom, the motel room was a little bigger than a broom closet. “Why would you even say something like that?”
“Because you aren’t happy. I can’t handle the thought of you miserable over having this kid, Raven. I should have talked to you about getting pregnant, not taken the choice away from you. We can try again in a few years when you are ready.” I sat up, watching her from the bed as she continued to pace. Watching her move, her breasts bouncing every time she would turn quickly to walk in the opposite direction, the way her hips swayed, and her hair fell over her shoulders caressing her arms… My jeans were like a prison confining my dick to torture.
“I want this baby, you idiot. I’ve wanted it from the moment I realized I was pregnant. I just needed some time to figure that out. But even when I was struggling with all of that I never thought about having an…abortion.” The last word came out softer, as if it were taboo to her. She stopped and glared down at me, angry tears in her olive-jade green eyes that stabbed at something deep in my chest. “If I wasn’t going to turn my back on Lexa how could I turn my back on this baby? This baby is part of you. It’s us. I love it as much as I love you.”
I didn’t know what to say to that. Couldn’t find the right words to tell her how relieved I was that she felt that way about our baby growing inside of her. When Tasha had told me she was pregnant and the paternity test had come back that her baby was mine I would have begged her to have an abortion. I was glad I hadn’t, because I couldn’t imagine my life without Lexa in it now. The thought of Raven killing our child was something that would have ripped me apart inside, but I would have stood by her decision if that was what she wanted.
“Look… I’m sorry I ran off the way I did. I was pissed off and scared… And I just needed Jet or Felicity to knock some sense into me.” Her chin trembled and she lowered her eyes to the carpet. “I really need Flick right now.”
The pain in her voice gutted me. “She will come back, baby. Like you, she just needs some time.” I held out my hand for her and she took it without hesitating. I pulled her down beside me and cupped her face in both my big hands. I always had to be careful when I touched Raven. I felt like Hulk because I was so big if I didn’t watch what I was doing I could hurt her so easily. “Don’t you ever fucking scare me like that again, do you hear me? I don’t want to feel like I’ve felt the last few days ever again.”
She opened her mouth but I didn’t give her time to say anything before I captured her lips and refused to let go. Raven tasted sweeter than normal. Her taste exploding on my tongue as I dived deep to explore every part of her hot little mouth. While I drank my fill of her lips my hands went on a quest of their own, wanting to memorize the shape and feel of her all over again. She moaned when I found her breasts and pinched a nipple through her shirt.
Grabbing the hem of the shirt I pulled it over her head, only stopping the kiss long enough to finish the job. Her voluptuousness fell into my hands and I growled at how perfectly they fit. In my hands she was just shy of a handful. My thumb rubbed over one distended nipple. It was hard as a diamond and as I watched, her breasts swelled even more.
“Bash…” she said, breathing my name. Thrusting her fingers through my long hair she pulled my head down toward hers. This time she was in control of the kiss, her tongue licking my teeth, stroking my tongue. Tasting me as I had tasted her.
When she broke the kiss we were both breathing hard and I was about to bust the zipper on my jeans I was so hard. “Bash, I love you.”
I sucked in a deep breath and lifted her onto my lap so that she was straddling me. “I love you too, baby.”
The heat of her through her panties was nearly scalding. The cotton material was drenched and I couldn’t stop from cursing at how much harder that made me. Reaching between us, Raven unfastened my jeans and carefully pulled the zipper down. My cock sprang free, causing her to whimper at the sight and feel of it between us. She stroked me with a tight fist, biting that damned lip as if she were thinking of eating it whole.
I wasn’t going to last. My balls were already tight and a few more of those skillful strokes and I was going to cover us both in my release. Her panties were in the way so I tore them off before lifting her hips enough so that my tip was right where I needed it. A few drops of her desire dripped onto my dick and rolled down my shaft. The sight was erotic as fuck and I thrust into her hard for fear that I was going to blow right then and there.
Raven shuddered as I planted myself balls deep into her tight little pussy. She moaned my name as her nails sliced into my back, urging me on. The tattoo of the raven on my back was all kinds of scratched up because she couldn’t seem to stop herself from getting rough like that. I loved it, and it never failed to get me harder knowing I could make my female mindless.
Two deep strokes and her pussy started contracting around me. She screamed my name as her pussy flooded with her release. The feel of all that hot wetness drove me over the edge and I came, with her name on my lips.
Chapter 11
I’m not going to knee him in the balls. I’m not going to knee him in the balls.
I. Am. Not. Going. To. Knee. Him. In. The. BALLS.
I kept repeating those words over and over in my head as I walked back to the bar with a tray loaded down with empties. The sting on my ass from where the douchebag biker had just pinched me fueling my anger as I tried to keep my cool and repeated the words again.
It was Tuesday and once again I was at work. Things were relatively slow since it was only seven in the evening. Hawk was the only one of the Hannigans working tonight because Tuesdays were normally slow. He hadn’t been spending as much time in the bar as his brothers did so on slow nights he came in to give Colt and Raider the evening off.
A few of the MC guys were seated at various tables around the bar, but a handful of them had taken to the pool tables in the back. Pool tables that were hidden for the most part from the bar itself, so Hawk hadn’t just seen one of his MC brothers pinch my ass after asking me for a blowjob. It had taken everything inside of me not to bust a beer bottle over the prick’s head then and there.
I probably should have just done it. Hawk or his siblings weren’t likely to fire me if I’d maimed one of their members, and it wasn’t like I was working here because I needed the money. My father had left me a fuckload of money along with a trust fund for Lexa. It was probably all illegally obtained but I wasn’t going to turn my nose up at it. Working at Hannigans’ was just to help Raven out—especially now that she had promised Bash she wasn’t going to work at the bar unless she had to.
The look on my face must have told Hawk how pissed off I was, because he stopped mixing the Crown and Coke that was in his hand. “What?”
I shrugged it all off. No way did I want anyone to think I couldn’t take care of myself. I was not some little woman who needed a man to protect her. If I ran and told on every man who pissed me off then no one would respect me. I wouldn’t respect myself. “I’m fine,” I assured him with a smile that wasn’t nearly as forced when I looked up at him.
Hawk might be reserved with most people, but there was something in his eyes that told me he was a good man. Proof of it was how sweet he was to Gracie. They might have only known each other for a little over five weeks, but they were almost inseparable. I was still trying to figure out what
was going on with those two, but considering that their room was right up against mine and Lexa’s I knew for a fact they weren’t having sex. Those walls were kind of thin and no one could be that quiet every night.
“All you have to do is say the word and I’ll gut anyone who bothers you,” Hawk assured me as he placed the tumbler of Crown and Coke on my tray. “You know what, wait a minute…” He bent behind the bar top and moved a few things around before standing again. “Here. Strap this to your leg. Use it whenever you feel the need to protect yourself.”
He handed over a short metal rod, and when I took it I realized it was slightly heavier than I was expecting. There was a small button in the middle and I pushed it, curious as to what it would do. The rod extended, turning into a long baton. “Holy fuck! That will knock some sense into these dickheads.”
Hawk chuckled. “Yeah. Raven used to carry it around with her when she first started working here. Keep it on you, Willa. But seriously, if anyone bothers you let one of us know. I’d rather have to have words with someone than have to let Bash kill them.”