Entangled (Angel's Halo MC 2)

Page 26

Lying there, spread wide for the only man to ever see me like this, my thighs trembled in anticipation. I knew the pleasure that was about to consume us both and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified of how that made me feel. Fuck. My heart wasn’t supposed to melt at the sight of him eating me up with his eyes. He shouldn’t be this gentle with me as he skimmed a hand down each thigh, kissing the top of my stomach as if he cherished me. Those weren’t things that you felt or did when it was just about sex. That’s what you did when you cared. When you loved…
I sat up, determined to block that stupid voice in the back of my head that kept whispering that I was still in love with Spider Masterson. He didn’t protest as I pushed him back onto the bed and straddled his waist. I wasn’t gentle as I started on his belt, yanking it free before snapping it together, causing his dick to jerk through his jeans in excitement. I couldn’t help but smirk. “What time do you have to be at work tomorrow?”
“Fuck work. I’m not going. After tonight I’ll either be dead from making love to you all night or still insatiable and buried deep inside of you.” His hands gripped my hips, forcing me to grind into his hardness. Moaning, I started on his zipper, slowly pulling it down so I didn’t catch him with it.
I pulled ten inches of male perfection free and my mouth instantly started to water. Licking my lips I moved down Spider’s huge body until I could lower my head. He seemed to stop breathing as my tongue snuck out to taste the pre-cum already glistening at the tip. A mixture of his unique flavor along with my own from our earlier encounter blasted my taste buds awake. It was erotic, tasting myself on his dick. I took him fully into my mouth, sucking away all traces that he had been buried deep inside of me half an hour ago.
Spider pulled my hair free from its ponytail and wrapped it around his wrist, holding me captive. He didn’t have to worry. I was having far too much fun sucking on him. He stretched my mouth to the point of near pain, the tip bouncing off the back of my throat as I refused to take all of him. Yet. As soon as I took him deeper he would be lost and I wanted to prolong this as long as possible.
“Your mouth is perfect,” he groaned. “Fuck, Willa. Ah… Fuck.”
I slowed my pace, using my free hand to stroke him as I tongued the very tip. The hand holding my hair tightened, silently begging me for more. Grinning wickedly, I bit into the flesh just under the mushroomed head, making Spider jerk in surprise and growl in approval. He loved it when I was rough with his dick. Loved when I raked my nails down his inner thighs as I licked his long shaft before taking his balls into my mouth.
“Willa… I’m close.” Spider released my hair, his hands reaching for me. “Let me inside of you again, baby. Let me feel you come all over me.” He pulled me across his chest, his lips seeking mine. For a moment I avoided his lips, making him work for my kiss. His growl should have scared me, but instead it made my passion drip down my thighs in thick rivers.
His shirt was still on along with his cut and his jeans were barely open, but I didn’t care. When he lifted my hips and pushed me down onto his long, thick erection I cried out, “James,” instead of Spider as I should have. Spider was the ‘only sex’ man. James… James was so much more to me. His lips found mine, thrusting his tongue deep as he speared me with his enormous cock over and over again. My hips took on a will of their own as I rode him fast and hard and he met me every time.
The bed was shaking as it pounded into the wall over and over again. I wasn’t sure if his neighbors were home, but if they were they were getting a very good show. My cries filled the air, his name a litany on my tongue as I begged him for more. “James… Please… Oh God, I’m so close.”
He flipped us so that I was on my back before I could draw my next breath, his big hands cupping my ass as he thrust his hips jackhammer fast. My climax hit so fast that I thought I was going to pass out from the pleasure as Spider shot me to the stars. My nails bit into his biceps, anchoring me to earth as I felt him stiffen above me seconds before he was shouting my name.
Spider fell across me, his breathing coming in quick, sharp gasps while he buried his face in my neck. I was fighting for air myself, rubbing my fingertips down his sweat drenched back. My eyes grew heavy, my body now depleted from our love making. As sleep started to consume me I realized that even though I didn’t want it, that I was scared—terrified—I was in love with Spider Masterson.
The pounding on the door made me jerk awake. The monster of a man beside me groaned and rolled over, his arms wrapping around me tightly as he buried his face in my neck. A second later he started snoring. I smiled and turned my head to kiss his temple before settling down to go back to sleep.
The pounding came again. “Spider! I know you’re in there. Open the fucking door.”
Raven’s voice calling through the door had both of us opening our eyes. With a curse Spider jumped out of bed and reached for a pair of boxers. I didn’t even have time to appreciate the sight of the man’s fine ass before he was jerking the door open. “Hey, what’s wrong?” His tone was soft—the tone he used when he was talking to Raven or Lexa. A week ago it had made me jealous. For some unexplainable reason, that wasn’t the case this morning.
She pushed past Spider and stepped into the apartment. Olive-jade green eyes zeroed in on me and I froze up wondering what the fuck I’d done to her now before she grinned. “Good to see that you’re still alive. Lexa was starting to get worried. I promised her that I would check on you today.”
A blush filled my cheeks and I pulled the sheets closer to my chest as I sat up. I should have known that Lexa would start to worry if I didn’t come home when I was supposed to. When I hadn’t come home for three days, then I was sure that she would be freaking out a little. She didn’t have me to snuggle up to at night in the bed we shared, or to kick in the ribs a million times as she tossed and turned and hogged the bed all night long.
For three days Spider and I hadn’t left his apartment. We’d barely slept during that time, only daring to order pizza and drinks to keep us going as we tried to consume one another. Maybe we should have spent the last three days doing something productive, like talking, but relearning each other’s bodies seemed the better option. It sure as hell had been the more fun option.
When I didn’t say anything, Raven turned her grin on Spider. “I hate to disturb the sex feast and all, but when I told Bash I was stopping by to see if you were still alive he said he had some business he needed to discuss with you. Something about a guy named Samson and not to let Hawk know anything.”
Spider let loose a few more curse words before stomping into the bathroom without another word. I grimaced, wishing he would have at least kissed me before switching into MC enforcer. That was Spider though. Public shows of affection, no matter how big the crowd, weren’t Spider’s style. He was too private of a person. Still, a simple peck on the cheek would have gone a long way just then.
It looked like our time together had come to an end. At least for the moment. Needing a shower, but figuring I would just take one when I got home, I stood with the sheet still wrapped around me. Going to the dresser I found a pair of Spider’s boxers and slipped them on before grabbing one of his T-shirts. With reluctance I pulled on my dirty jeans before turning to face Raven again.
She was just sitting on the edge of the spare bed watching me intently. “What?” I asked as I finger-combed some of the tangles from my hair. Raven took a hair tie from her wrist and offered it to me.
“I’m actually starting to think you and I could make it as friends.” She nodded her head as if making the decision. “Yeah, we could.” Her eyes turned frosty and she stood. “But if you hurt him, I will make you bleed. Clear?”
I rolled my eyes at her. If I kept doing that I was going to get my eyes stuck for sure. But that was all I seemed to do any more. “Clear, Raven.”
The frost melted and she was grinning again. It
was scary as hell to watch her turn her emotions around like that so quickly, and I didn’t think it was because of the pregnancy hormones that she was able to do it. Growing up in a house full of tough bikers probably made her learn to do it fast. “Good. Wanna ride home? Colt is watching Lexa for me, so I need to get back as soon as possible.”
With a lingering look at the closed bathroom door, I nodded and followed Raven outside. If I stuck around I’d be tempted to talk Spider into another round of the hottest sex we had ever had, which would mean Spider would get in trouble with Bash and I would miss work tonight. One round was never enough. I wasn’t sure it was ever going to be enough. “Why isn’t Gracie watching her?”
“She’s got some interview over at the university. It’s the last one before they send out the acceptance letters into their law school. I don’t understand any of that shit. I mean she’s had two interviews already, gotten exceptional scores on her LSATs, and is smart as hell. They should be begging her to join their law school instead of putting her through all this stress of getting into the fucking school.” She opened the driver’s side door to the Challenger and got in. When I joined her in the passenger seat she started up the car but didn’t back out of the parking spot right away. Instead she sniffed and made a face. “Really, Willa? Did you guys not shower at all over the last three days?”
I sniffed the air and frowned. “I don’t smell anything. It’s not me.”