Entangled (Angel's Halo MC 2)

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He nodded, too busy tasting my neck to bother with words. My breath hitched as his talented hands cupped my breasts. “There’s a house for sale down the street from Raven’s house…”
“If you like it then we will buy it.” He pinched my nipples, making me cry out in pleasure. “No more talking, Willa. I want to love you now.”
“No more talking,” I agreed. “I love you.”
“Fuck, baby. I love you, too.”
Chapter 17
I was getting tired of having surprise visitors. Each visit only left me aching and a little more destroyed than I was before. Now, as I walked toward the visitor’s room with my hands chained together and shackles on my feet along with a guard trailing behind me, I wondered who had come to fuck with my mind this time.
Raven’s visit had at least left me with something to look forward to when I got out of this hellhole: a niece or nephew who I was going to spoil as much as humanly possible. I knew that my baby sister was going to make a great mother. And as long as Bash kept her happy, then he would live long enough to see his second kid grow up.
It was Felicity’s visit that still haunted me and made my gut clench with a mixture of dread and hope. Hope that it was her in the visitor’s room. Dread that it wasn’t. When we reached the door to the visitor’s room a second guard waited to open it for me, but I shook my head. I needed a minute to prepare myself for whoever was inside waiting, possibly ready to rock my world all over again.
After a few minutes the guard got tired of waiting and opened the door anyway. I glared at him as I stepped through it and reluctantly glanced around until my eyes fell on the only person sitting in the room. My eyes widened and some of the dread I was feeling left as I spotted my brother. “Hawk?”
Hawk gave me a grim smile as he stood and we embraced quickly before the guard who had brought me from my cell separated us. “It’s good to see you, brother,” Hawk said as we took our seats at the table.
“How are you? How’s Raven? Colt? Raider?” I shook my hea
d, trying to remember the name of the girl who Raven had told me had become a big part of my siblings’ lives, but especially Hawk’s. “How’s… Gracie, is that her name?”
The change that seemed to come over my brother’s face was so unusual for the man I knew so well, that if Raven hadn’t explained the situation to me, I would have been concerned. Hawk wasn’t one to live by his emotions. He had always been the most closed off of the five of us. So when his whole body seemed to light up at just the mention of the female’s name, I knew he was in deep. “Gracie is dealing with some things. One being that Uncle Jack just happens to be her grandfather.”
I coughed, the air seeming to strangle me at the shocking news he had just delivered. “What the fuck?”
Hawk shrugged. “It’s a long story. One I would like to tell, but I don’t have time for today. When I called to get an appointment to see you they told me they only had a fifteen minute slot open.” His jaw clenched and my gut churned as I saw the way his face went from bright and happy to closed off and menacing. “I got a call Saturday night, Jet. Flick used a burner to call me.”
If he had stabbed me it would have hurt less. My hands clenched into tight fists and I bit back a string of violent curses that would have the guard calling a premature halt to the visit. “Is she okay? What did she want?” And why the fuck was she calling Hawk? Sure they had gotten kind of close—closer than I’d ever seen Hawk get to another human being. But I’d thought it was because I had made Hawk a part of something that few people knew about. That he had bonded with Felicity over the loss of our child—his niece or nephew. Could it have become more? Had Hawk hooked up with my female?
“She didn’t know who else to call. She needed a favor and I was the only one she could think of to get it to you in the right way.”
“What the fuck does that mean?” I bit out. The right way? “If she needs a favor she could just call me, or better yet, come and see me.”
“She couldn’t call you because the calls are monitored.” Hawk glanced over my shoulder at the guard who was one of the better men that worked at San Quentin. He was on someone’s payroll other than the warden’s. Since I was a powerful asset to his boss, then I knew that I was safe with the man. However, that didn’t mean he needed to know my MC’s business.
Another pain stabbed through me and I had to remind myself that Angel’s Halo was no longer my MC. I’d given up the club and the life that went with it for reasons that I wasn’t sure I still had. Felicity was through with me, for good this time. Or until I found her.
“Don’t question this.” Hawk leaned forward and lowered his voice. “Just listen because I don’t have much time left.” I nodded and he went on. “Flick is working for a family that has a little girl…” As Hawk quickly told me what had happened, my whole body seemed to seize up and I knew before he had even gotten to the real reason Felicity had asked him to see me what the favor was going to be.
Having sweet, loving Felicity Bolton ask such a favor was enough to tell me how desperate the situation was. My jaw was so tight that my entire face started to ache. “Just get the word out. Let the right people know what the motherfucker did and he will be taken care of within a few days…”
I glared at my brother. “If Flick is asking me to do this then I will do it personally. But you know that if it’s not done right I won’t be getting out of here in a few weeks like I’m supposed to.” It was a warning, for him to break the news to our sister gently if it came to that. Raven missed me as much as I missed her. I felt like I had raised her and she was more my kid than my sister. “We’re talking a lot longer than a few years here, Hawk. I could spend the rest of my life in here if I don’t do this right.”
Hawk pounded a fist into the table between us. “Which is why you need to do what I suggested. Fuck this, Jet. If it wasn’t because of Flick I never would have even come here. You can do this without having to spend the rest of your life in this hellhole.”
There was a knock on the door and I knew that the visit was over. Grimacing, I stood and backed away from the table. “Tell Flick not to worry anymore. It’s done. She should know that I would do anything for her.”
“She shouldn’t be asking this,” Hawk growled. “As much as I love that girl, I hate her just as much right now.”
“Don’t. Hating isn’t an option. Loving her isn’t either. Love your Gracie, not Flick.”
Hawk’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head. “Are you shitting me right now? Brother, you have to know that Flick—”