My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

Chapter 2080

Mama, Rest In Peace

The immense pain caused Violet to become delusional. Besides the heart-piercing howls, she suddenly
burst out laughing maniacally.

She bit her lip until her mouth were filled with blood. Her face was grim and distorted and her eyes
bulged out of the sockets.

She stared at Rosalie viciously and sneered in a sinister way. “Rosalie Jacobs, so what if I poisoned
your mother to death? Who made her a b*tch, unwilling to divorce obediently, and kept taking money
from Gordon. She isn’t that great! Hahaha…”

” ” Rosalie’s blood boiled. The seventh silver needle

appeared in her hand.

At this time, Byron quickly walked to her side and grabbed her.

‘If my wife is overtaken by her emotions and takes a step forward, she would be a murderer for sure.’

He hugged Rosalie, not letting her go any further.

Sophie saw her mother in such pain. She stared at Rosalie with red eyes and kept yelling. “Rosalie,
how dare you treat my mother like this? I will kill you! I will definitely kill you…”

Rosalie’s emotions had a moment to breathe. Her eyes began to calm down slowly.

The pain on Violet’s body would be gradually relieved in just a few minutes. In her words, she had
confessed to the poisoning, and she probably won’t be able to put up a strong facade in front of the
police in the future.

She will get the retribution she deserves. Best not to die, but to stay in prison until she grows old would
be the perfect end.

However, something unexpected happened. Violet suddenly rushed towards Rosalie and Byron.

At some point, there was a short dagger in her hands.

She opened her bloody mouth wide and grinned fiercely.” Rosalie, since you are so filial, then I shall
send you to accompany your mother. I’ll give you a chance to visit her!”

The bodyguards were negligent for a moment. The danger came directly to Rosalie.

Sophie struggled frantically at the same time, trying to cooperate with her mother’s actions.

Byron’s face darkened. He quickly pulled his wife behind him for protection, and then stared coldly at
the swiftly approaching blade. His pupils were instantly dilated.

His movements were extremely simple. He raised his leg in the air, and with a huge sweep, he kicked
Violet’s arm.

In an instant, Violet’s attack missed, and the dagger dropped from her hand.

After the bodyguards came to their senses, they quickly wanted to hold Violet down.

However, the woman suddenly broke out with amazing strength. She struggled frantically and ran up to
the top floor of the villa in frenzy.

“Rosalie, you will never be able to take revenge, you will never be able to-“

Violet’s figure fell off the top floor, all the way down…

Time seemed to have stood still. Sophie was limp on the ground, while Ethan’s eyes were frozen in
shock, unable to recover for a long time.

Violet committed suicide by jumping off a building!

When Detective Carter arrived with the police, Byron and Rosalie were already in the car outside the
villa, waiting for the next step of the matter.

Sophie and Ethan were taken away by the police for investigation.

Detective Carter asked the police officers to investigate the scene. He walked to Byron’s car and said
to the couple, “It’s all right, it’s over. Her death was determined as death by falling! You can go back
first, and I will let you know if there is any updates in the future!”

Byron nodded and handed the recording pen in his hand to Detective Carter, who nodded tacitly.

“In addition, we also found out that Sophie may have been suspected of illegally embezzling public
deposits a few

years ago. The amount is not small. If convicted, she would be sentenced to at least a few years.”
Detective Carter came back and told them.

Byron also nodded in response.

Rosalie was in a daze throughout everything. Her right hand was tightly clutching the ring on her left
ring finger.

“Mama! Violet Curtan is dead!”

“Mama, you can rest in peace!”

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