Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife

Chapter 2210

She was her usual self in every aspect. She put her heart into her job and never started trouble so long
as nobody tried to start trouble with her.

The crew cycled through their locations during their shoot. The constant travel made her skin break out
slightly, but there were no other concerns otherwise. The shoot progressed very smoothly and within
three months, they managed to wrap up everything at the mountainous region previously mentioned.

It was nearly evening when they wrapped up the shoot.

Holding a bouquet in hand, she took a group picture with the crew and celebrated with everyone. After
that, she planned to hitch a ride with another crew member and leave for home.

To their demise, some men in uniform who claimed to be the road maintenance technicians showed up
to break the bad news to them. They mentioned that they had to repair some of the roads urgently and
so the way home was temporarily obstructed.

The director took his phone and called the city hotline for verification.

After a brief conversation on the phone with the relevant department, he turned to everyone and
announced, “They're telling me there's a minor obstacle blocking the road but it’s not a big problem. It
should be taken care of within half an hour. Why doesn't everyone get some rest for now?”

As he said this, he threw a glance at Isabel.

Isabel did not notice this as she was already leading Carla away to sit down somewhere.

She was getting a little peckish and took a piece of bread from Carla's bag.

It was getting dark by this point. She had barely nibbled off a bite from the bread when a shadow cast
over the entire mountain region. Soon, even gusts of chilly wind began sweeping down on them. It was

rather eerie.

Several actresses huddled together to shield themselves from the cold.

It was ominously quiet.

While Isabel was starting to feel a little bit of nerve set in, the foot of the mountain was suddenly
showered with blinding lights.

The sudden brightness stung her eyes.

When she managed to open her eyes again, she heard awed cries everywhere around her.

She was just as amused by what she was seeing.

Every tree in the vicinity had tiny bulbs of lights wrapped around them and were all flickering with
beautiful amber lights. Even the patches of grass had bulbs scattered everywhere.

It was not so bright as to the point of giving the impression of a miniature sun, but it was certainly still
very bright.

It was beautiful!

More importantly, what caused everyone to screech was not the beautiful display, nor was it the music
of the piano that began to reverberate across the area.

Isabel followed the direction where she heard the strum of the piano and saw a clearing covered with
fresh flower petals.

There was a pearl white piano installed in the center of the open plains. A young man dressed in a
white shirt was seated in front of the piano, his fingers rhythmically and adeptly dancing across the
black and white keys.

"Wow! He’s so handsome!" one of the actresses cried out.

Isabel had to do a double take at the sight of the handsome piano player.

It was none other than Roland!

Even the wind in the forest seemed to be at his beck and call. Gusts of wind poured at him following
the highs and lows of the music, sending the hems of his shirt and flower petals scattering everywhere.

At one point, he looked up for the piano and instantly directed his gaze at Isabel who stood in the
center of the crowd.

He smiled charmingly.

His smile had a magical effect of dimming out all the colors in the world until he was the only one that

Isabel grinned when she saw him.

At one point, everyone around her had silently backed away.

It was only she and Roland left in the vicinity.

After Roland finished playing his proposal piece, he picked up a bouquet of red roses and a box of
diamond rings that he had set on top of the piano. With that, he strode suavely toward Isabel.

"Isabel, marry me." He got down on one knee and proposed. He presented the wonderful bouquet of
roses, his eyes flashed with earnestness.

He was a pure-hearted man.

Meanwhile, the entire film crew and Carla began to chant, "Marry him! Marry him..."

They barely managed to get into a rhythm when Isabel took the bouquet and gave Roland her hand.

Roland promptly opened the box with the diamond ring inside and gently fitted it onto Isabel’s fingers.

"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss…” everyone began chanting again.

Roland rose on his feet. His ears blossomed with red as he pulled Isabel into her as he cupped her
face and locked lips with her.

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