Broken Limits

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Brody speaks up. “What if he’s found out? What if this is his way of keeping us quiet?”
I hold up both hands. “We’ve got no proof of that. The most likely answer is normally the right one. The name of the boat is just a coincidence, it has to be. We already know Honor’s stepfather was looking for her, and that he’d taken time off work.”
Asher spins back around to the computer screen. “The boat must be registered to someone. Let’s find that out before we start making up scenarios in our heads. If we can find out who owns the boat, we might get a lead on where she’s been taken.”
I blow out a breath, glad we have Asher onboard.
He’s right. We need to focus on the facts.

Chapter Three
AN HOUR OR SO HAS PASSEDsince I was taken.
Don has clearly gotten bored of me already, as he rises to his feet and calls out to Edwardo. “Shift switch, buddy. You can come and watch over our little junkie here.”
I’m relieved he’s had enough of me, at least for the minute. I don’t know Edwardo in the slightest, but I reason that no one can be as bad as Don.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, I haven’t been offered anything to eat or drink. The rain has stopped now, so I can’t even put out my tongue to dampen it. I don’t want to ask these men for anything, though. My stomach is hollow, and I’m still cold and damp. It would be very easy for me to fall into a well of self-pity right now, but I refuse to give up.
Don enters the wheelhouse, and a moment later, Edwardo steps back out. He keeps his head down, as though he doesn’t want to meet my eyes. Does any part of him doubt Don’s story?
He takes a seat on the bench a couple of feet away from me.
“Do you have any water?” I ask. “I’m really thirsty.”
He doesn’t speak, but goes to a cooler, pops the lid, and delves inside. He pulls out a plastic bottle of water and carries it over to me.
“You’re going to need to help me.” I jangle my wrists and the cuffs. “I can’t hold anything.”
He sighs but cracks the lid and holds the bottle to my lips, tilting it up. Water passes over my dry tongue, and I gulp thirstily. Some escapes and dribbles down my chin, but it doesn’t matter.
“Enough,” he snaps and takes the bottle away.