Broken Limits

Page 27

I blink and try to sit. Rafferty has gone, and in his place is Wilder.
“Where—where did Rafferty go?”
How did I not noticed them switching?
Wilder frowns. “What are you talking about? It was always me.”
My mind blurs with confusion. My body aches with need. I’m desperate to reach a climax, but there’s a strange sensation taking over me, like a memory that I can’t quite place. I want to come, but the sensation brings a different feeling with it, one of disgust at myself. Is it because he’s playing with my ass? That’s never bothered me in such a way before.
Wilder is unaware of my inner turmoil. He’d paused licking me to talk, but now he goes back down. My breath comes short and ragged, and I chase my orgasm, every muscle in my body winding tighter like a spring.
Then he stops, and I want to cry, “No!”
Wilder shifts his position, so he’s on his knees, his huge cock in his hand. The metal piercings look even scarier than before. “I’m going to fuck you in the ass, Honor. I’m going to take you hard and fast.”
“No,” I say again, but this time for a different reason. “You’ll hurt me.”
“A little pain is good, right?”
Maybe a little pain, but Wilder’s cock in my ass could do some damage.
“No, please. You can’t.”
But he’s shifting into position, and with my ankles and wrists bound, there’s nothing I can do about it.
“Help!” I cry. “Someone help me.”
A hand touches my face from my left, and I whip my head around. Asher is here now.
“Asher, please, stop him. He’s going to hurt me.”
Asher gives a faint laugh. “Silly girl. Wilder would never hurt you.”
But the head of Wilder’s cock presses at my hole. The metal of his piercing is cold against my heated flesh. I want him to stop, but that gnawing, aching, insistent need to come won’t leave me alone.
Then he’s stretching me, wider than I’d ever thought was possible. I scream, but it’s more from fear than pain. And with my scream, so the mold on the ceiling suddenly bursts to life, spreading like wildfire across the ceiling. It reaches the point where the wall meets the ceiling, and the luxurious wallpaper curls at the edges and then strips down as though some invisible person is tearing at it. The room seems to dissolve around me. The big, soft bed vanishes, replaced by uneven, cold concrete. The ceiling is concrete too now, and I find myself in the dark.
I suddenly realize where I am.
I’m back in the bunker.
I can no longer feel Wilder pressing his way into me. All I can hear is my own breath, loud in my ears.
“Wilder?” I cry. “Asher? Brody? Rafferty?”
Someone else’s voice greets me. “They’re not here.”
My blood freezes, and I go completely still.
It’s Don.
He moves closer—I can sense the heat of his body and his overwhelming presence.
“There’s something you want, isn’t there?” he asks. “Something you’re craving?”
I don’t react.
Cold fingers push inside me. Two are in my pussy, and his little finger slides inside my ass. I buck and whimper. I don’t want him touching me, but it feels so good and I need to come.