Broken Limits

Page 19

Asher clears his throat. “And I’ll bring us another step closer by driving to Los Angeles to see what I can find out about Don.”
Rafferty purses his lips. “You’re not going alone.”
“I’ll go with you,” Wilder offers.
Asher eyes him. “No offense, man, but no one is going to talk to me with you hanging around in the background.”
That’s the thing about Asher. He looks inconspicuous. Wilder, however, is the complete opposite.
“I’ll go,” I offer. “It’s the least I can do.”
Rafferty rubs his hand across his lips. “I don’t like us splitting up.”
“It won’t be for long,” Asher says. “And we’re all big boys. I’m sure we can handle ourselves.”
Rafferty nods. “Okay, but you stay in touch at all times. If you need to switch off your phone for any reason, you make sure you let the rest of us know first. I want everyone to have tracking set up on their phones as well, so we can easily find each other if something goes wrong.”
Asher and I nod.
“What about Reno?” Wilder asks. “Should we go there?”
“It could be a wild goose chase,” Rafferty says. “We don’t know for sure yet that it was even definitely Wren the PI found there, and he may have moved on. We’ve got Carter back on it now, so I say we give him some time. Even if Wren is in Reno, that doesn’t mean Don has taken Honor there, too.”
Wilder doesn’t appear happy with the answer. “No, but if we find Wren, he might know where Don would have taken her.”
Rafferty blows the air out of his lungs. “You say that as though finding Wren is an easy thing to do. Haven’t we been trying for years? He’s as slippery as an eel, and the moment he gets wind that someone is onto him, he’ll vanish again. If we show up in Reno and start asking questions, I guarantee it’ll get back to him, and then he’ll be gone and so will our chance of finding Don and Honor. Let Carter do his job.”
Wilder folds his massive arms. “What are we supposed to do, then? Sit around here, twiddling our thumbs?”
“We still have other leads we can follow. We can find out what Don’s driving, and if the boat has been registered at any marinas. There’s a chance he even took Honor back to his home address, though I doubt he’d want to shit on his own doorstep.”
Wilder growls. “I want to get out there.”
“I know you do, but that’s not going to help Honor any.”
It’s time for Asher and me to leave, so we say goodbye to the others and promise to stay in touch. We’re going to need to get the seaplane over to the mainland and then take one of the vehicles we have parked over there. It’s a good six to seven hours’ drive, depending on traffic.
“Oh, and Asher?” Rafferty adds.
Asher pauses and turns to him.
Rafferty continues. “Don’t go getting yourself arrested.”
Asher grins. “I’m smarter than that.”