Broken Limits

Page 56

Chapter Nineteen
THE OTHERS ARE HEADINGin the wrong direction. They all followed Brody because he found footprints, but I quickly figured out it was a ruse. She’d doubled back. I don’t tell them, and instead state I will check the other wayjust in case.
I want some alone time with our little morsel.
Asher has had her to himself every damn night, and now I want some time. I won’t do anything forbidden, but some touching, that’s allowed, right?
In fact, we haven’t laid out the ground rules since she’s been back. She still has her safe word, but we haven’t discussed between us what we can and can’t do.
When I get to her, I want to lick and suck her pussy until she’s delirious. If I don’t taste her soon, I’ll explode.
Then, when the others reach us, I will claim first go and stretch that tight pussy wide with my fat cock.
The thought has me stopping for a moment as all the blood rushes south. Jesus, I need to get a grip. I could rub one out right now and still be raring to go, but then I might not get to her first.
I fucking deserve some time with her, after all, I took a bullet. Not that I mind sharing Honor. I’m not possessive over her, and I like to see the other guys with her, but I want to taste her all by myself for once.
My jog isn’t going to give me enough time, so I up the speed, despite the twinge in my wound, and run in the direction I believe she’s taken. Of course, I could be wrong, and they could be right, Brody is pretty damn good at tracking, himself, but I think my instincts are correct, and she’s gone this way.
When I near the beach and see clear, fresh prints in the soil, which is slowly becoming sandy, a rush of victory goes through me.
Sprinting down onto the beach, I spot her immediately. She’s by the end of the beach, and she’s poking her head into a cave. Maybe she is going to hide in there. I stick close to the edge of the dunes, so I can see her, but she won’t see me, moving ever closer.
Watching her, I smile when she turns her face up to the sun and holds her arms out. That’s my girl—my beautiful, wild Snow. My cock throbs in anticipation, and my mouth waters.
“Thought you could get a heads up on us?”
I swear under my breath and turn to see Brody approaching me, stealthy and silent.
“Fuck me,” I mutter.
“They didn’t trust you, so I said I’d come and follow you, while they checked out that direction.”
“I suppose you’re going to be a good Boy Scout and call them.”
He grins at me. “I could...or we could have a little fun before they get here. After all, that fucker Asher has been creeping into her bed every night.”
“He has.”
“Yeah, he has. And Rafferty always has to control everything.”
“He does.” We’re justifying what we’re about to do, and I don’t care.
“How about we make her come so hard she soaks us both, and then we call them?”
“Fucking A.”
We smack hands silently and continue our approach. We are within feet of her before she stills, as if sensing our presence. She can’t have heard us, as we’re both silent when we want to be, but she turns, and the minute she sees us she runs.