Broken Limits

Page 65

If there’s more news on the money situation and Wren’s possible whereabouts, it presents a problem. The four of us have always said we’d go after him, but I’m not happy to leave Honor here with all of us gone.
Sure, we have good security and can hire more, but I don’t trust her with anyone but one of us. We always said we’d do this together, the four of us, but I feel at least one of us needs to stay with Honor. We have new priorities now.
She might even be pregnant with our child soon. One of us. It doesn’t matter which, but we can’t risk her.
The other option is to take her with us, but again, that puts her in danger, and it means she will see more shit that might traumatize her.
I rake my hands through my hair and suck in a long, steadying breath. I love having her here. Hell, Ilove her. It’s disconcerting as fuck.
For so long, we’ve operated in the same way. A band of brothers seeking nothing but revenge, and then a dark-haired slip of a girl came along and changed everything.
The change is good, but it’s pulled the ground from under my feet all the same.
Then there was today’s little scene. Jesus. It was hot. The hottest thing I’ve ever done, fucking her while tasting her directly on Wilder.
It fills me with excitement to think about it, but there’s also a frisson of apprehension. Where might this lead. I don’t mean between any of us outside of play time, but during it, just how wild might we get? It’s as if in Honor we’ve found an accelerant to fuel the fire of our depravity. She’s wild, and I have a feeling we’re only just scratching the surface.
I reach her room and knock lightly on the door before stepping inside. She’s just gotten out of the shower and has a towel wrapped around her body, her hair piled on top of her head so it didn’t get wet. Her face is pink and free from makeup, her lashes still damp and clumped together.
I don’t think she’s ever looked so beautiful.
She sees me there and covers her mouth with the back of her hand as she lets out a yawn.
“Tired?” I enquire.
“Let’s go to bed, then.”
She drops the towel, and I strip of my clothes, though there will be no more sex tonight. We’re naked for the intimacy that comes with sleeping with your skin pressed against another person’s. Honor is already curled into a C-shape, her back to me, and I wrap myself around her, my body like a human shell.
I gather her in my arms and press my nose to her nape. “You understand that we’re going to have to leave soon.”
She stiffens slightly against me. “To catch Pastor Wren?”
“Yes. We can’t let him get away with what he’s been doing—what he still might be doing.”
“Hurting children,” she says, her voice small.
“That’s right.” I press my lips to her skin and steel myself for what I’m about to say. “You know I’ve been doing everything I can to upgrade the security here. You’ll be safe while we’re gone.”
She springs to life, sitting up and twisting to face me. “What? No way. I’m not staying here while you all leave without me.”
Tears shine in her eyes.
“It’s dangerous, Honor, and if you come, it’ll only be a distraction for us. You didn’t listen to Brody back at Don’s rental, and both you and Wilder got hurt.”
“I’ll listen this time,” she pleads. “I promise. I’ll do whatever you tell me to.”
“Honor, this isn’t about you. This fight between us four men and Wren is between us. Only us.” I reach out to place my hand to her belly. “What if you end up pregnant? How do you think we’ll be able to function knowing we brought you along?”
She softens slightly and slides down in the bed to face me and tucks her hands under her cheek. She looks impossibly cute, and it makes me smile to think this sweet little thing was commanding me to suck another man’s cock today.
“I’m frightened,” she admits. “I’m frightened that if you leave without me, you might not come back. What if I never see you again? Any of you. My heart would break.”
I stroke a hair away from her face. “We will come back. I promise.”