Broken Limits

Page 61

“No,” I moan. “Too much.”
“I’m just cleaning you up, baby,” he murmurs against my skin. “You’re all messy down here.”
The thought is so depraved it has my clit pulsing weakly again. He’s cleaning their cum from me. Dear God.
I wonder again if he’d like to do it directly. Would Rafferty like to suck Wilder’s cock? I bet he would. Something tells me that Brody and Asher wouldn’t be down with playing that way, but Wilder and Rafferty?
Daring to act on my instinct, I moan again and push Rafferty’s head away. “It hurts,” I lie. “I’m too sore. I need a few minutes.”
He nods and wipes his chin.
“If I’m going to take two more of you, I need help getting ready again,” I say with a small smile.
“What do you mean?” He frowns. “Do you need a drink? Some food?”
I almost laugh. Bless him, I’m about to ask him for something much more interesting.
“I need to be turned on,” I whisper.
He frowns, brows creasing in puzzlement. “I thought I was trying to do that.”
“No, not by being touched, I need a break from that. By...watching, maybe?”
“Watching what?”
His face darkens, but I see the way color tints his cheeks. He knows what I am hinting at, and I think he likes the idea some.
“You wanted to clean me, no?”
He nods.
“Why don’t you clean me from Wilder?”
“What the fuck?” Brody says. “Honor, we don’t play that way.”
I sit up and arrange myself with more decorum. “First.” I hold one finger up. “I wasn’t talking to you.” I find myself biting back a smile, enjoying this. If I can face Don, I can face these men and give them—or two of them, at least—what they don’t even realize they need. “Second, if I can take all four of you, I think Rafferty and Wilder can have a bit of fun time if it will turn me on.”
“Will it turn you on?” Asher asks, with obvious interest.
I’m not lying when I answer. “Yes, it would.”
“Why?” he asks.
I shrug. “Maybe I like watching?”
The movie they beamed into my room what seems like years ago now, of the two men, assured me of that.
“If you don’t want to...if the idea is abhorrent, you don’t have to.”
Wilder gives an easy laugh. “It’s not abhorrent to me. If I get my dick sucked, it’s all good.”
Rafferty is glaring at the floor as if the sand has offended him. Shit. I think I’ve misjudged this.
“Look, forget it. It’s cool. Just don’t show me gay porn if you don’t want to rev my engine that way,” I joke, trying to defuse things.
“Would you all think less of me?” Rafferty’s voice is quiet but clear as a bell.
“What the hell?” Asher demands. “Why the fuck would we? We’re all consenting adults here. I don’t want any of yours dicks near my mouth, thank you very much, but let’s not pretend we are the most hetero guys in the room. We all like sharing far too much for that.”