Broken Limits

Page 63

I kiss Brody hard once, and then I get up and walk over to Rafferty and Wilder. “I want you to come in me, as he comes in your mouth,” I say to Rafferty.
I marvel at who this bold woman is, and what she’s done with the old Honor. I like her, though. We won’t always play this way. Most of the time, I imagine Rafferty will direct us like the conductor he likes to be, but today, this is my time to play.
Walking over to Rafferty, I grab the blanket and place it on the ground by where he’s kneeling. “Wilder, you need to move to the side, if that’s okay?” I ask.
“Yes ma’am.” He smirks at me and does as I suggest. He moves to the side and repositions himself, slapping Rafferty’s cheek with his cock. Rafferty narrows his eyes at him, and Wilder laughs. “Too far?”
“Yeah, fucker.”
I lie on the blanket and say to Rafferty, “Can you hold me up? My legs around your waist while you kneel? You can fuck me while you suck him.”
“Yes, I fucking well can. Get closer. I’m about to come all over the place.”
“You will be the last one, and then I’ll have all of you in me.”
He stares at my pussy, a ravenous, pained expression on his face. He hauls me up higher, so my lower half is off the ground, and my legs are held in his arms as he nudges at my entrance with his cock.
When he enters me, he groans and his eyes roll back in his head.
“God, you feel good,” I say.
My whole body shivers as he moves in and out of me. It’s as if every single millimeter of skin is alive. I’m almost delirious with it.
“Open wide,” Wilder says. And Rafferty does.
He opens his mouth and takes Wilder’s massive cock in as he fucks me with a speed and harshness that is animalistic. He’s rutting me like a fucking dog, and I whimper as he pounds into me.
“Fuck, look at you,” Wilder says to me.
I can’t speak as I am so lost to this now.
“I’m going to come,” Wilder cries, and then he’s pumping harder into Rafferty’s mouth, who swallows rapidly.
The moment Wilder moves away, his dick sliding out of Rafferty’s mouth, Rafferty shouts a strangledfuck, and comes in me so hard he pushes me up the blanket with his thrusts.
I’m turned on beyond belief, but my orgasm is weak and mellow, my body too wrung out for anything more.
I collapse onto the blanket the moment Rafferty lets go of me.
He falls onto the blanket beside me and pulls me in close. “You’re sleeping with me tonight,” he says firmly.
I smile into his shoulder. “Whatever you say. You’re the boss.”
“Why don’t you all get down here and we can have a group cuddle,” I say.
“Fuck that,” Asher mutters as he starts to get dressed. “That was hot, though. Very fucking hot. Honor, you’re going to fit right in. You’re as depraved as the rest of us.”
“Yeah, it seems we really did open Pandora’s box with you,” Brody observes. “Just not in the way I had thought.”
My eyes drift shut as around me the men get dressed and start packing away, only Rafferty still beside me, holding me.
“Thank you,” he whispers in my ear.
I smile and hold him tighter.