Twisted Roses

Page 19

In that moment, she looks so fucking sexy, I’m struck speechless.
Rarely am I ever struck speechless.
And the worst part is, Delphineknowswhat she’s doing—she tosses a look back at me from over her shoulder, a rebellious glint in her gaze.
“For the last time, I’m busy,” she says calmly. Her hands creep up behind her again. This time to unclasp her bra. “If you want to stay, you’re going to have to watch me get ready. I’m not stopping on account of you.”
Words become difficult. As in the actual function of speaking them.
What the fuck is going on where this would happen to someone like me?
I swallow against the pulse throbbing hard in my neck. My skin is hot all over. “Where are you going?”
“A first date.”
My jaw clenches on its own accord, my voice even tighter. “With who?”
The bra falls away, leaving Delphine in nothing but her lacy panties. Her round ass cheeks call to me even as she turns and walks to the closet.
“No one you would know,” she answers from inside.
If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear she’s enjoying this—the cool indifference of playing hard to get. Either that or she’s transcended to a new level of hatred for me. If I were to ask her, she’d claim the latter.
She emerges from the closet clutching the dress she plans to wear. My gaze rakes over her body, openly drinking in her exquisite, naked curves.
Her pert, beaded breasts. Her round, fat ass. The slim torso of hers I’ve kissed my way up and down dozens of times. The soft thighs I’ve felt wrapped around me. Every part of her body is as erotic and pleasing as the next.
Fury spikes through me when I think about tonight. Delphine is going to be having dinner, presumably at some nice restaurant, with a man other than me.
A man who she’s slipping on a slinky dress for.
In the past, I’ve tolerated Delphine dating other men. My hand had been forced—Delphine wanted nothing to do with me and I was reassigned to South Valley.
But I always kept an eye on her. I made sure none of her boyfriends ever got too far along with her. The exception being her fiancé, Garrett. It had required more money and intimidation to drive him away.
Now that I’ve had Delphine again, I can’t let her go. I’ve tried to stay away and I’ve failed. No man should be touching her except me.
Delphine stops in front of the mirror and checks out the dress she’s wearing from multiple angles. It’s what most refer to as a sexy little black dress, skintight and backless.
My hands ball into fists at my sides. “That dress is too much for a first date.”
“I’m not asking for your opinion, Salvatore.”
“He’s not laying a finger on you.”
She snorts, sliding into her strappy heels. “If I do have sex with him, I’ll be sure to tell you all about it.”
She’s bullshitting. Delphine has never slept with a man on the first date. I’ve monitored her dating history close enough to be certain of this. She’s very particular, very easily put off by most men.
But she’s also been on a recent crusade to be as reckless and troublesome as possible. Who’s to say she wouldn’t fuck her date tonight if it meant pissing me off?
“I’m running late,” she says, applying lipstick. She glances at me in the mirror. “You need to stop coming by. I mean it.”
“I had something important to discuss with you.”
“There’s nothing for us to discuss.”
As she tries to walk past me, I catch her arm to hold her back. “It’s about your father.”