Twisted Roses

Page 56

Plump, round ass perched up. Ready to be punished and then maybe pleasured. I slap her left cheek hard and then follow with the right. She squeals and bucks her body in shock before calming down and relaxing.
I palm my hand over the soft curve of her ass. “Tell me what to do, Phi.Begme to do it.”
“Please,” she whispers breathlessly. “Please… just punish me. I’ve been bad.”
My hand comes down a third time. The hardest smack yet against her supple round cheek. She flinches at the contact. Her fingers wiggle from where her wrists are bound together and she gasps out some air.
But I’m only getting started.
I spank her again. Even harder. I pause and study her reactions. The soft keening noise she makes and how she’s buried her face into the comforter to attempt to stifle it. Most telling of all is her hips subtly bucking, her ass lifting as if to meet the strike of my palm.
“Never again,” I growl, tracing my fingers along the undersides of her full thighs. “I fucking mean it, Phi. You will never do something like tonight again. Do you understand?”
A muffledyesanswers me.
I bring my open palm down again and she grunts from the power behind it. “I asked you a question,” I say composedly. Despite my cock twitching, hard as steel. “Do. You. Understand?”
For each word, I smack her ass.
My hand rains down unforgivingly on her ass. Her flesh ripples. She digs her nails into her palms and whimpers from where she’s laying stomach down. She squirms and bucks up, as if her body is acting of its own accord.
“I don’t give a fuck how capable you are. You are not to put yourself into danger hunting down men like Little.”
“You will not sneak out at night to track them down.”
“You will not fight any of these assholes you believe are guilty. Understand?”
“Y-yes!” she cries out. Her voice trembles.
I don’t let up. The next couple of minutes pass with the sharp thwack sound of my large palm colliding with Delphine’s soft ass. I alternate. Left cheek. Right cheek. Left, right, left, right.
Both cheeks receive the extent of my punishment until Delphine’s shaky cries grow louder and morph into euphoric screams of pleasure.
She’s about to come.
I can tell by how her exquisite body quakes and her eyes have rolled shut. Her fingers wiggle from where they’re bound behind her back, as if desperate to be set free so she can reach between her thighs and relieve herself. But it wouldn’t be punishment if things were so easy. If there wasn’t a little suffering involved.
I wait for her to be right on the edge before I stop. The burning sting of my hand smacking her ass disappears.
She releases a throaty protest. Being the selfish asshole I am, I memorize the view in front of me.
So beautiful.
Her beautiful brown skin spanked so many times, faint red marks streak her ass. Her soft, lush thighs press together, from between which I can see her glistening pussy lips. My dick twitches with a mind of its own—all it wants is to sink into her warm, wet hole.