Twisted Roses

Page 55

I fuck her deep in her mouth. I clench my fist in her curls and pump in and out of her. Each time the head of my cock reaches the back of her throat, I hold her in place, suffocating her on my cock. A groan of pleasure rumbles out of me before I pull her off, letting her breathe freely, and repeat the motion from the top.
Feet away from a dead guy bleeding out on the floor. The most morbid blowjob I’ve ever received. Any normal person would be disturbed. They’d lose their lunch. But I’m no normal man and Delphine’s no normal woman.
Blood and violence being two of my favorite things, it stands to reason combining them with sex would be right up my alley.
The gruesomeness only turns me on more. Makes me face fuck her harder.
For her part, Delphine keeps up. She eagerly sucks my thick length. The heat of her mouth feels good enough to blow a load right now. The suction and wetness and the fucking misty eye contact as I fuck her mouth without mercy.
When I can’t hold on another second, the pressure in my balls building up and a cool shiver racking down my spine, I come. I shove myself deep into her mouth and I shoot my cum down her throat. So much of it she can’t swallow it all.
Though, Delphine being Delphine, she certainly tries. A few driblets leak from the corner of her lips and down her chin. The second I release her she’s licking what she can of it up with her tongue.
I step back and admire my work.
Delphine on her knees, wrists bound behind her back, eyes teary, and her fuckable lips even fuller than when we began.
Her caramel skin has a flushed, dewy look. Her thick, zigzag curls are messy and wild from having my fist entrenched in them.
The sexiest fucking woman alive. And I’m only getting started with her punishment.
“Stand up,” I order. I watch as she struggles to stand up from her kneeling position without the use of her hands. At her slight stagger, I reach out and clamp a hand around her arm to keep her from falling. “Have you learned your lesson, Phi?”
She bites her bottom lip, her expression dazed. She doesn’t answer.
I yank her closer. “Have you?”
I know the answer before it comes.
She shakes her head. Side to side. She’s admitting she hasn’t had enough. She wants more. The naughty, bad side of her is in full effect. My wicked grin spreads.
“I didn’t think so either.”
I unzip her hoodie and roll it down her arms. She’ll have to make due with it tangled around her linked forearms behind her back—I’m not undoing the binding. She can consider it part of her punishment.
I withdraw my flip knife from my pocket and slice down the front of her shirt. The fabric rips down the middle before I tear it away from her chest. Her bra is destroyed next. I sever the band where the cups meet and the straps holding the delicate undergarment together. It falls away and joins the torn shirt on the floor.
The blade of the knife ghosts across her skin and she gasps at the cool, sharp contact.
Her jeans are dragged down her hips. For fun, I slice her panties off too, expertly dragging the knife along her hipbone, and cutting the thin fabric away from her pear-shaped hips.
She’s naked before me. Except for the hoodie tangled behind her back, where her wrists are bound together.
I draw her mouth to mine at the same time I grope her breast. She’s out of breath, on edge awaiting what comes next. I take my time, tugging and pulling on her nipple. It’s tense and hard to the touch.
Dark beads I torture as I kiss her deeply. My tongue teases hers and she moans into my mouth.
I end the kiss as abruptly as I started it. “Turn around and bend over the bed.”
A bratty sort of disappointment fills out her features at our kiss ending. At my next order, she hurries to obey. She bends forward onto the bed and presents her ass.
Her full, round ass that pumps more hot blood straight to my cock on sight alone. I wrap my fist around my cock, stroking myself as I harden all over again.
Delphine turns me on so much I don’t need much recovery time in between. I tend to get hard the second she’s naked and one of her holes are available for fucking.
Like now.
I have her right where I want her.