Twisted Roses

Page 57

I get rid of my clothes. They’re discarded on the floor as the pool of blood from Skip Little’s dead body continues to spread.
We’ll clean that up later.
“Fuck yourself on my cock.” I lay back and drag her on top of me, so her legs and feet are braced on either side in a squat.
Delphine seems relieved at the command. She sinks down on my cock.
As hot and wet as I knew she’d be.
The sensation is so overwhelming, I grunt out, the sound rough and primal from my chest.
She needs no further instruction. She begins fucking herself on my rigid cock, using the strength of her thighs to hold herself up. I grip them, serving as an anchor while she slides up and down my thick length.
“Good girl,” I praise. “Take every fucking inch.”
She throws her head back and bounces faster on top of me, like she’s determined to triumph, rising to my demand and challenge.
I memorize the view. Her perfect tits and cloud of curls bounce along as she does the same on my cock.
My hands snake up her torso and cup the soft pair. I pinch and tug at her dark peaks and she moans in encouragement. She crashes down on my dick all over again, taking every last inch of me over and over.
Tight, silky heat that feels incredible beyond words.
I finally take mercy on her and her thighs and roll her under me, spearing straight into her. Her mouth drops open at how deep I go from this new angle.
Her pussy spasms and clenches around me. She’s unbelievably close, her eyes heavy-lidded and a dazed expression on her face as if she’s about to pass out any second.
I don’t go easy on her. I pound into her, my thrusts brutal, hard, and never-ending. I’m an animal, a feral beast rutting inside her. Grunts and growls rumble from me as I fuck her, pushing her further to her absolute limit.
My hand clenches around her throat and I squeeze, applying some pressure.
This is about dominance, making her understand how serious I am.
She belongs to me.
“I’m never letting you go,” I growl. My grip on her throat tightens, and I watch the lust gleam darker in her heavy-lidded eyes. “When I say I don’t want you putting yourself at risk, I fucking mean it. Last time I’m telling you. Do you understand?”
“Yes… yes… ohhh… yesss,” she moans as my dick hits just the right spot.
“Good girl. Now, come.”
Delphine’s eyes gloss over and bliss flickers across her face. She comes at my command. It’s as though she’s transported somewhere else as her orgasm ripples through her and her body goes limp. I’m only a couple pumps behind her, joining her in the body-racking ecstasy.
Pleasure blasts through me as my cum joins hers. I pull out to the creamy evidence leaking from her well-fucked pussy. I curl two fingers inside her, scooping up some of it, and then feeding it to her lips.
She sucks my fingers dry, her dazed state like an invisible fog surrounding her.
She’s spent, sufficiently punished, finally on the same page.
I grab her face and kiss her. My tongue in her mouth and the tang of both of us something we share in and enjoy.
“Mine,” I say when I pull back and our gazes connect. “Do you understand?”
“Yours,” she whispers exhaustedly.
“Good girl.”
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