Twisted Roses

Page 125

Then I stand up and head toward the hall. “Delphine?”
It’s possible she went out for a walk. Stitches wasn’t answering his phone either. They’ve been going for daily walks as part of her physical therapy.
“Delphine,” I say again. I push open the bedroom door and stop only a couple steps inside. My insides knot tightly at the sight of her by the window, staring out at the street below. Her expression is contemplative, like she’s thinking.
Shit. What now?
It can be dangerous for our relationship when Delphine starts thinking too much. Two of our prior breakups started out this way.
“Everything okay?”
She looks over, the setting sun highlighting the gold tint of her brown eyes. “Salvatore, we should talk.”
33. salvatore
“About what?It’s dinner time and I’m hungry,” I answer unconcernedly. I stow my hands in my pockets and stroll over at a casual pace.
Meanwhile, my pulse surges. There’s no telling what’s on Delphine’s mind, though it must be something serious—her eyebrows are knitted and she’s picking at the wrinkled edges of the book in her lap. Both habits of hers in moments like this.
Things have been amazing between us lately. Best they’ve ever been. After spending more than half our lives struggling, we’re finally on the same page. We’re in love.
Or so I thought.
She inhales a deep, shaky breath. “Everything that’s happened lately has made me do a lot of thinking about the future. I was so sure for most of my life what I thought I wanted. Basically, everything my father wanted for me. Now that I’m no longer an ADA and I quit my campaign, I don’t really have any direction.”
“I thought you decided you were going to take your time…”
“I did. I want to, but then I started thinking about us,” she says. She meets my gaze with hers, a searching quality in them. “I’m really happy, Jon. It feels so good to finally be together like we are. We’ve been working toward this for a long time.”
I can’t help clenching my jaw. If she’s going to dump me or tell me how she’s having second thoughts about us, I’ll need to refrain from showing any emotion. I’ll need to retreat into my cold asshole persona I’m known for. Though where Delphine and our relationship are concerned, it’ll be difficult.
Damn near impossible now that I’ve woken up to the fact that I’m in love with her.
Is she regretting giving up what she has? Did somebody in her ear get to her and convince her I’m no good for her? Has she decided it’s too dangerous to be with me?
Only weeks ago, she was collateral damage in my battle with Hector Belini. It’s possible she’s come to her senses and realized constant mafia warring isn’t what she wants out of her future…
“Phi,” I say stiltedly,impatiently. “What is this about? What are you trying to say?”
She picks at the book edges some more as if working up her nerve. “Come away with me, Jon.”
“Away… with you?” My head cocks to the side, thrown by this unexpected twist.
“Yes, away. Let’s leave together. Just the two of us. What’s really keeping us in Northam?” she asks, standing up. She comes to me with hope glowing on her beautiful face, shining in her eyes. “I’ve been thinking, and I realized I don’t have to be here anymore. I can leave behind all the bad memories here. But why go alone? I want you to come with me. We deserve a fresh start, don’t you think?”
I stare. “Go where?”
“Somewhere. Anywhere. We can figure it out together.” She shrugs as her hands come up to rest on my chest. “Remember the beach house in Montbec? It’s been in my mom’s family for three generations. She left it to me in her will. I never go up there because I’ve always been so busy working. And it always make me think of you and that summer before college. But what if we went and stayed there? We can make new memories.”
“Phi…” I trail off, unsure what the fuck to say. “You mean for a weekend?”
The first hint of disappointment dims her eyes. “I mean indefinitely. Until we decide where we’d like to start over.”
“I can’t leave Northam. Not indefinitely. Not right now.”
Another wave of disappointment washes over her features. She drops her hands and turns away from me. I grab her before she can put any distance between us.