Twisted Roses

Page 127

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Savage Roses will be here March 23rd! Good news is that Salvatore and Delphine are finally on the same page, which means these two will really be coming into their own as an unstoppable team! Bad news is that the forces they’re up against will out toactuallydestroy them. So, a very dark road ahead to get to their HEA. I hope you join me for the final part of their love story!
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twisted roses playlist
1. Wrong - MAX featuring Lil Uzi Vert
2. Unforgettable - French Montana featuring Swae Lee
3. Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood
4. When I Had Your Heart - CHPTRS
5. Lifetime - Maxwell
1. Slip - JPOLND
2. Counting Crimes - Nessa Barrett
3. Shirt - SZA
4. Careless - FKA Twigs featuring Daniel Caesar
5. Starseed - Tanérelle featuring SIM
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I made her a promise I’ll destroy the world to keep…
Revenge is the only thing that stands in my way.
Then Delphine and I can finally be together.
My father has no idea the hell he’s in for.
I’ll savor the moment I get to play in his blood.
But when he reveals what he’s really capable of,
I realize I may have underestimated the devil.
I’ll never leave his side no matter how dark it gets…
A future together is all I want with Salvatore.
But just as that seems possible, more enemies emerge.
Between a secret society of the powerful and elite
And Salvatore’s mafia boss father hunting us down,