The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss

Chapter 2631 The Real Ending

Chatty and Fischer had been apart for so long, so they cried when they finally hugged.

Fischer could not bear to see her cry.

When her sobbing eased a little, Fischer lowered his head to wipe her tears and gently coaxed her not
to cry.

Chatty took a deep breath and calmed herself down as soon as possible.

She had so many questions for him.

Seeing that her eyes were swollen from crying, Fischer pinched her cheek and said with a smile, “Do
you still want to drink coffee? If you don’t want this, we can go to my place, and I’ll make you a cup of

Chatty nodded.

Fischer let down his hand and naturally held Chatty’s hand. He turned around to pick up her bag and
pushed the door open.

The waiter at the back was envious that they were such a perfect match.

Chatty saw that he was holding her hand and felt as if an electric current passed through her heart.

When they were young, Fischer often held her hand. They were inseparable, and he liked her the most.

Was he still the same?

Chatty followed Fischer. He was no longer the same as the boy in her memory. Fischer was so tall that
she had to raise her head to see his eyes.

Fischer could feel her gaze and laughed.

“What are you looking at?”

“How tall are you?”

“192 cm. Are you satisfied?”

Chatty’s heart skipped a beat. “If I’m not satisfied, will you chop off your legs?”

Fischer laughed and pulled her in front of him.

“Okay. If you want to chop off my legs, you can do it yourself.”

Chatty laughed.

She had not seen him in more than ten years. At first, Chatty missed him so much. Gradually, she felt
that there was no response to her longing. Every time she asked her parents about him, they would
shake their heads and remain silent.

Thus, Chatty stopped asking.

She was also angry and blamed him for leaving without saying goodbye.

Thinking about it later, Chatty only hoped that Fischer was safe and sound in a foreign country, that he
would be as free as a little fish.

Fischer’s car was parked at the intersection. The black sports car was sleek, flashy, and extravagant. It
felt alienated.

It was the same feeling as when they reunited just now.

Fischer flaunted his character, but he also restrained his emotions.

She recognized him as Fischer at a glance because his pure and innocent eyes had not changed at all.

However, she also noticed the changes in him. The indifference and estrangement she felt were a form
of guard.

When two similar souls approached each other again, they were deeply attracted to each other like

Chatty got in the car, and the bodyguard quickly appeared.


Chatty smiled and said, “It’s okay. This is Fischer Malone. My parents know him. I’ll go home in the
evening, so you don’t have to follow me.”

The bodyguard nodded slightly.

He glanced at Fischer before stepping out of the way.

Fischer stepped on the accelerator and sped off in such a high-profile way.

If it was not for his current identity, he would have been stopped by the traffic police.

Sure enough, they arrived at a large manor that looked like a classical and luxurious castle.

There was a feeling of luxury everywhere. It was surrounded by several precious plants, and they
looked grand.

Chatty got out of the car and looked around.

“Do your parents live here too?”

Fischer’s eyes darkened, and he smiled.

“No, I live by myself. Let’s go.”

He threw the keys in the car.

The villa that Chatty lived in now was already luxurious enough. Clayton spent hundreds of millions of
dollars to buy it for her.

However, compared to this old castle in front of her, the villa was still a bit low-profile.

Everything was new to Chatty. She wandered around, and the servants inside were respectful and

Fischer followed her patiently and explained to Chatty the function of each room. He also explained the
origin of the mural that she liked.

After looking around for more than an hour, they did not even cover half the ground. However, Chatty
was already tired.

She casually found a sofa upstairs, sat down, and sighed.

“Aren’t you afraid to live by yourself?”

Fischer paused for a moment, then looked down at her. “Then why don’t you move in and live with

Chatty raised her head abruptly. Her face was blushing.

“What nonsense are you spouting? My dad bought me a house!”

Fischer nodded. “Then shall I move in with you?”

He was determined to live with Chatty.

Chatty did not agree or reject him immediately.

“Lil Fish, you’re a boy.”

“I know, but we always slept together when we were young.”

Fischer sat beside her. His forehead was resting lightly on her shoulder.

“Chatty, I really miss you so much…”

His voice was deep and husky.

It seemed that more than ten years of longing were contained in that sentence.

Fischer was alive for more than twenty years, yet he was the happiest only when he was with Chatty in
the Stanton Mansion.

Chatty’s shoulders trembled slightly. Her eyes were sore. Before her tears fell, she immediately raised
her head and held back the tears.

“Liar! You didn’t even come to see me or contact me. You didn’t even say goodbye when you left. If I
hadn’t come to study abroad, we wouldn’t have seen each other again!”

Fischer paused for a moment. Then, he slowly raised his head and stared at her with dark eyes.

He pursed his lips, took her hand, and stood up.

“Come, let me show you something.”

Chatty followed him to a study in a corner upstairs.

The study was decorated elegantly. Many foreign books of different genres were shelved on the

The upper and lower bookcases were densely packed. Some were so tall that one had to use a ladder
to get to the books.

Fischer took out a document from a hidden corner and opened it in front of her.

Then, he handed it to her without looking at it. He turned his head to look at the painting on the wall to
divert his attention.

He spoke with difficulty.

“The day I left the Stanton Mansion was because I got the news that my parents had passed away.
Your father sent me here. That was when I realized that it wasn’t as simple as I thought. The results of
my parents’ research were stolen, and they got into a car accident. My grandfather passed away the
same day he got the news. Many people were eyeing the property and company my grandfather left
behind. There were dangers everywhere, so I dared not leave. I had to take over my parents’ position
to inherit the property and gain a foothold here. Chatty, I haven’t contacted you for so many years, not
because I don’t want to, but because I don’t dare to. Every call I make is monitored, and every step I
take is watched. The stray cat I adopted here was killed and thrown at my door, and the servant who
showed kindness to me disappeared inexplicably. This place is far more dangerous than I thought. Your
father’s people protected me this whole time while I was growing up until I could gain a foothold here
and defeat them all. I dared not ask your father to take me to see you because I was afraid of dragging
you into this danger. This was the agreement between us, that I would one day go to you in a dignified

Fischer turned his head with a smile on his face.

That smile showed all the hardships and tribulations he had been through, yet it was still so relaxed
and innocent.

Chatty looked at the photos. It was a picture of the scene of the car accident. There was also a picture
of their little family of three.

Fischer was riding on his father’s shoulders and laughing innocently.

There was also a property inheritance certificate and the company’s acquisition contract for a certain
project laboratory.

Over the years, Fischer had been working hard to get himself back on track.

It was difficult, but he never gave up.

He fell from heaven into hell, but he never thought of dragging her into hell too.

When he saw Chatty, he followed her all the way and saw how happy she was while eating ice cream.

That was when he knew that his life in hell was over.

Chatty raised her head. Her vision blurred as warm tears fell. Fischer reached out to wipe away her

She suddenly opened her arms to hug Fischer. Her tears soaked his shoulders.

Chatty imitated him by stroking his head, and her voice trembled as she said, “Fischer, let’s never be
apart again!”

This is the end of the book. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey!

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