Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 1505

Cadmus didn't understand why was his father was still concerned about Royce during such a crisis.

Although he was baffled, he still sent someone to carry Royce over.

"Dad, Royce was thrown into the river by Fade just now, and he is still unconscious, Cadmus

At this very moment, Royce coughed and then slowly opened his eyes.He was awake.

Seeing this, Payton nodded and said, "It's good that you're fine!"

Then, Payton turned to look in Fade's direction.

He narrowed his eyes slightly as he stared at Fade, "Are you the one who wanted my Chai Family to
leave the city for good?"

Fade stared back without avoiding his gaze and replied, "Yes, it's me!"

Hearing this, Payton squinted his eyes and added, "Are you the one who killed my son, Zelson, and my
grandson, Horgan?"

Without hesitation, Fade answered again with affirmation, "That was me too!"

As soon as the words were uttered, the scene broke loose again into heated discussions.

Obviously, everyone did not expect that Fade was the killer of Zelson and Horgan, what more for him to
admit it in public.

All of a sudden, the entire Chai family threw murderous glares at Fade, their face red and furious.

Their eyes were like sharp swords that were about to pierce him dead.

However, Fade totally ignored them, his face still wore the same dignified expression.

Payton blinked and fell silent for a while.

Then he looked up at the night sky and declared, "Zelson, Horgan, your revenge is coming soon."

After finishing his words, Payton lowered his head and stared at Fade coldly, "Today will be your

"Master, please come out!"

He bellowed, hands outstretched into the air.

As Payton ended his sentence, a figure appeared out of thin air, darting in his direction speedily.

As the figure got closer, everyone's gaze also became more focused.

Finally, when the figure appeared above the wooden building, everyone finally could see his
appearance clearly.

It was an old man in his sixties, his robe and long beard fluttered in the night wind.

Coupled with the old man's temperament, he immediately gave the feeling of an immortal visiting his

"Who is this old man? Look at him!"

"It's like an immortal descending to earth.He must be legendary!"

"I didn't expect that the Chai family would have another trump card.Today's Lantern Festival is full of
twists and turns!"

This was what most of the ordinary citizens shared among themselves.

However, some of Zobery District's martial artists were stunned on the spot at the very sight of the old
man hovering above the wooden building.

"That's- That's Master Windley!"

"It's really the semi-master, Master Windley!"

"Since Royce is here, it's normal that his master is here’

"Master Ma has arrived.Now the situation of the Chai family has reversed completely."

Once the old man's identity was revealed, everyone all burst into exclaims and chatter.

At the wooden building, the Moo family, who initially had the upper hand, immediately became sullen
seeing what happened.

The smug excitement on their faces disappeared without a trace.

"How could this happen? Master Windley is here.We are doomed”

"Here comes the master.We're definitely going to lose.

All the players are here, "Now, it's our Moo family who can't stay anymore’ Among the wailing and
anxiety, only Clara remained firm.

She bit her red lip and said, "I believe in Brother Chen.No matter who the enemy is, he will definitely
win.I'm sure of that"

Although Clara was determined, no one believed her at this moment.

On the other side, the people of the Chai family were jumping with joy, including Salman and Keith.

At this moment, they also regained their vitality and stepped out again.

They held their heads high and puffed out their chests, looking particularly proud.

"As I said, our Chai family will not be defeated.Sure enough, we always have a backup plan"

"Grandpa's incredible.He actually invited Master Ma here.That's amazing."

"Ha! We're definitely going to win this time.

"Not only will we win for sure, but we have Master Ma's support.The Chai family will also have a place
in the martial arts world in the future."

Amidst the blabbering, Windley looked towards Fade and sneered, "Were you the one who hurt

Not afraid in the slightest, he said nonchalantly, "Yes.He's just lucky he isn't dead yet- "You—"

Windley's voice sank, then he spat harshly, "Do you want to commit suicide, or do you want me to kill
you? If I do it, I will make you wish that you were already dead: Fade scoffed in his face, "The person
who can make me suffer like that isn't born yet.Obviously, that person isn't you"

"You punk! Since you're looking for death, don't blame me for what comes next."

With a heavy snort, Windley gave a wave of his sleeve.

With gusts of howling wind, his body darted towards Fade at full speed.

However, Fade maintained his firm stance on the boat and did not waver.

The Chai family began to shout and cheer wildly at the sidelines at this moment.

"Fade, Master Windley is going to make his move, why don't you just surrender?"

"Fade, are you seeing this? It's too late for regrets."

"Master Ma is a semi-master.You don't stand a chance’ Keith, who had been biting his tongue for a
long time, finally seized the opportunity and snickered, "Fade, you wanted to deal with me, right? You
have to save your own life first"

"Pfft.To Master Ma, you are just an ant that can be easily squashed to death"

Fade sneered disdainfully after listening to what Keith said.

"He is only a martial artist at the highest Earth Level.There is still a gap between him and the Heaven
Level.How dare he call himself a master? It's ridiculous"

"Fade, you can't insult a master.How dare you talk to Master Ma like that? You're dead for sure, gloated
Keith with glee.Royce, who was finally conscious, was also seething with anger.

He gritted his teeth and shouted, "Dad, avenge me.I want that guy to suffer a fate worse than death-
Windley had been in the highest rank of the Earth Level for a long time, and he was just a step away
from reaching the Heaven Level.

Personally, he too wished to level up and enter the world of the Heaven Level as a true martial arts
master.He didn't want to be called a semi-master.

This was also why Windley never corrected anyone who called him Master Ma.

He enjoyed the title too much to do so.

But now, Fade not only hurt his son but also humiliated him in public.

In Windley's perspective, this was unforgivable, and a gigantic insult to himself.

This intense anger pulsed through him, adding firm motivation for Windley to kill Fade at all costs.

The strength in his palm intensified, and he was ready to strike Fade down.

The people around them held their breath and watched, not even daring to blink.

The Moo family's faces were etched with worry and anxiety.

The Chai and Zheng families were thrilled, almost to the extent of punching the air and cheering.

"Go to hell!"

Windley shouted and charged into the sky above the Moo family's boat, barely less than ten meters
away from Fade.

In a moment of life and death, Windley was determined to kill him off in one blow.

However, under the dazzling lights of the boat, Windley finally saw Fade's face clearly.

To his aghast, his body couldn't help but stiffen, showing a dramatic change in his expression.

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